Zendaya Offers Girl Modeling Gig After Being Body Shamed On Twitter

For those of us who hold a Twitter account, we are no strangers to the unbelievable amount of body shaming, name calling, and meme references that have become key instruments for cyber bullying and those who encourage the ugly practice.

Behind their screens, these internet trolls draw heavy attention to insecurities of all sorts and ultimately induce a lot of hurt feelings to those who are targeted.

One specific hot topic in the social media realm, daily targeted to girls and women of all ages is body shaming.

Body shaming is a constant drag to our confidence and a topic we struggle to express frustration with openly. Thankfully there are also those who see these trolling ploys and stop cyber-bullying right in its tracks.

Celebrities and fitness coaches around the country have joined online in efforts to stop the promotion of this abuse and encourage confidence in their feeds.

Most recently, Spider-Man actress, Zendaya used her Twitter account to call out one of these trolls for body-shaming a young female.

Zendaya vocalized the notion as rude and, in her opinion, “flat-out wrong”. According to her fans and other Twitter followers who looped into the incident, Zendaya tweeted the following after learning this young girl had been body shamed:

She then went in search of this body-shamed model via Twitter handle as she tweeted:

Of course, the Twitter world quickly located this missing model.

The body-shamed model who goes by the name of “honey dip” on Twitter reported she was very excited about the modeling offer Zendaya proposed to her – as were hundred of other twitter accounts who sent their support to the now model of Daya by Zendaya, the celebrity’s newly launched clothing line.

Like Zendaya, we as women, in a time when body shaming culture has only amplified through the advantages of technology, must become social activists for one another.

We must remind ourselves of our beauties, our courage, and the gift of being a female in all its actuality so that the trolls in our social media accounts hesitate to spew their hate.

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