Zara’s ‘Love Your Curves’ Campaign Featuring Skinny Models Takes Internet By Storm

I love Zara.

If you’re shopping for clothing, Zara is the perfect mixture of affordable-casual-professional that every modern woman in the workforce needs.

But when Zara released their latest “Love Your Curves” campaign, coupled with a photo of two thin models standing next to the slogan “Love Your Curves,” the internet went wild.

And I mean, wild.

It all started when popular Irish radio personality, Muireann O’Connell expressed her shock with the ad’s marketing team.

Alive with outrage, the internet quickly began attacking the clothing brand for their model’s displacement.

Muireann quickly clarified her original statement, announcing that her aversion was aimed at the marketing team for putting such a distorted ad up in the first place.

It seems that O’Connell’s honest disposition has struck a nerve across various news and social media platforms alike.

We live in a society that put heavy emphasis on the way your body looks. “Flaws” have recently become accepted to the public eye, with models like Ashley Graham showing off her “imperfections” in the most perfect manner.

The recent movement regarding love and acceptance of your body and self is wonderful, as it absolves insecurities and encourages self-confidence in an individual.

What Zara’s ad subtly endorses is a step back from this whole-body acceptance, suggesting that you should only love your “curves” if you have very little.

At least, that’s how over 12,000 retweeters took it.

Following the internet’s eruption, a Zara spokesman released a statement apologizing for the insensitivity and notifying all clients that the item in question was removed from the collection.

“The item in question has now been removed from all Zara stores and The garment was inspired by the classic Western films, but we now recognise that the design could be seen as insensitive and apologise sincerely for any offence caused to our customers.”

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