Women’s March Launches Their 7th Campaign: We Belong Together

The Women’s March organization has once again come up with a unity campaign: We Belong Together.

The campaign is part of a larger one, and is the 7th action out of their 10 actions/100 Days campaign.

This movement is focused on families, more specifically, the unity of children and their parents. According to the Women’s March website,

“We believe that families and children should live free from fear of discriminatory policies that threaten to divide us, and tear parents away from their children.

“Children have a unique vantage point in experiencing what is happening in our society, and their voices on these issues are particularly powerful.”

There are many ways that anyone can participate in the movement. “Creating a Unity Circle” is listed first under “Actions You Can Take”

“During the week of action, we encourage kids and youth to form circles and link arms around spaces they seek to make safe and welcoming for all, such as schools, parks, playgrounds, city halls and congressional offices, to demonstrate how young people are uniting against dangerous policies that threaten to tear communities apart.”

The Women’s March website also provides a list of organizations that help educate and empower women and men looking to become involved in activism within your community.

So far, the 7 actions derived from the Women’s March foundation have been successful in peacefully resisting against issues of inequality.

Activists across the country are looking to involve themselves in the various issues that are plaguing women.

The Women’s March also suggests to write postcards and letters to elected officials, expressing your concerns and opinions, and getting involved in local meetings and events.

Hear Our Voiceis a coalition of groups found on the Women’s March website.

Change Will Come,” title of the New York Times editorial, encapsulates the driving force behind the Women’s March Campaigns. We can start by educating our youth and getting our voices heard. Together, we can make a world’s difference for women living in America today, and more importantly, in the future.
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