Meet The Women That Have Paved The Way For Feminism

“You throw like a girl,” is probably the first quote we hear in our lives belittling our gender- and we don’t even realize it.

Although it doesn’t apply directly to the working world, it still gives us the sense that men feel as though they are better than women, and are entitled to more, while downgrading a woman aiming for the same goals.

Women from years before us, all around the world and walks of life, have paved the way for the new era of girl bosses who broke the stereotypical barriers.

According to Forbes, close to 52 percent of professional jobs are held by women, but we’re substantially underrepresented in leadership roles.

Only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1 percent of top earners, and 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. At this rate, it’s estimated that women won’t achieve leadership parity until 2085.

Men have been given the upper hand from the start, but in this generation a huge number of women have realized that their dreams aren’t different from males.

There should be no reason a woman can’t do the exact same things, get the same qualifications, and earn the same awards. To see those words “The First Woman To” is an amazing feeling in itself – to know that certain women overcame the norm.

They have taught us that we are limitless, no matter what our gender is, or what society may want us to be.

These female bosses from years before Instagram (and even after) should be highlighted, as they are the true definition of what success looks like.

Here are a few girl bosses who should be applauded:


1912: Madeliene Cheruit was the first woman to create and operate a fashion house. 

2001: Stella McCartney launched her brand while taking on animal rights. She is praised worldwide for her contributions to ethnical fashion while using fabrics that do not promote animal cruelty (vegan furs and earth friendly products).


1970: Patricia Palinkas was the first woman to play professionally in an American football game that was deemed a male only sport.

2015: Jennifer Welter became the first woman hired to coach in men’s pro football when the Texas Revolution of the Champions Indoor Football league announced that Welter was hired to coach linebackers and special teams.


1608: Juliana Morell was the first woman to earn a doctorate degree at a university.

1862: Mary Jane Patterson became the first African-American woman to get her bachelor’s degree.

2009-Current: Michelle Obama became the first African-American First Lady, and has been involved heavily in education campaigns worldwide. Michelle has made appearances at public schools and hosted seminars on the importance of education and started efforts to eliminate child obesity.

Obama currently leads seven education groups, which include fashion education, post-secondary education, education of African-Americans and also education for girls, to name a few.

Everyone has someone who they look up to or someone who has inspired them to shoot for the stars. They’ve paved the way for our generation and most have unknowingly given girls around the world the courage to do things that were previously unimaginable.

From mothers to icons you’ve never even met, there is always someone that has walked in your very same shoes before. In every field of study, walk of life, someone knows the hardships of being a women period.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall or how many people are hoping that you fail – its solely about leaving your mark the best way you know how.

These brave women have set the tone for our generation to make history of their own.

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