How Young Women Are Making Money Spending Time With Wealthy Men


“Model uses older men to fund trips all over the world.” Whoa there! Let’s stop and divulge in to this juicy gossip and analyze what in fact is going on.

In a documentary called, Extreme Love, Alyssa Ramos, a 20-year-old women from Madison, Wisconsin, is flown to the big apple to go on a weekend date away with 36-year-old lawyer Oliver Wright.

The individuals met on a website called Miss Travel, which is a platform for women to meet more mature men with the intention for the men to fly them around the world for a date. Alyssa’s destinations include Cancun, London, Ibiza, Las Vegas (twice), Miami, Arizona, Dubai, and New York.

This is where however, the concept of sugar relationships becomes misinterpreted or condemned to prostitution.

What people don’t know is that these types of websites provide a platform for two different type of people to meet. Generational mixing, with the added bonus of financial assistance.

There is a mutual attraction and its not as cutthroat as the more gold digging home wreckers.

As Alyssa stated in the mini-documentary series,

“I was always interested in older guys, and I always wanted to travel to, so it’s like a win-win.”

To extrapolate on this point, when these individuals meet the inclination or purpose is not always for paid sex. Don’t get me wrong it’s out there, but websites like Miss Travel or Seeking Arrangement provide more than this.

“Its not prostitution at all its completely different,” says Alyssa.

Alyssa emphasizes that she is not getting paid to have sex with men, she compares it more to an escort, where she is paid to accompany men for a weekend and goes no further then a kiss or a hug she claims.

Oliver states that,

“There is nothing on this site that I couldn’t get for free outside of it… it’s just the convenience I pay for. I have no problem in paying for the person in fact I insist its that way.”

Both Alyssa and Oliver are comfortable and happy with this arrangement and enjoy each other’s company with the hopes that they will meet again. Age is no barrier and money breaks those barriers, so good luck Alyssa, don’t forget to send a postcard and remember you are not using any one.

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