There Are Only 4 States In The US Where Woman Make More Money Than Men

Unfortunately, despite women advancing professionally over the last century, women continue to be at a disadvantage when it comes to equality in the workforce.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women on average are not paid equally to their male counterparts, only making 80% of what men make.

Though this disheartening fact remains prevalent, there has been great progress over the decades, and specifically within the United States, four states are shining examples of where women actually beat men.

Inside Payscale’s Annual Gender Pay Gap Report, research has concluded that Connecticut, Vermont, Washington D.C., and Rhode Island are the only locations within the United States that women with equal experience, education, and similar corporate factors to male counterparts actually outperform in pay equity.

Connecticut, at 1.6%, remained on top of the other states.

An interesting factor of note is that all four states are locally clustered in the Northeast and that despite 1.6% being seemingly low, when compared to the five greatest states in a controlled pay environment, with Louisiana at 7.4% in favor of men, that low number becomes monumental.

As mentioned earlier, the report accounted for a controlled analysis, however Payscale continued to reveal that when accounting for an uncontrolled analysis, women make incredibly less due to the population of women in managerial and executive positions.

This fact is incredibly detrimental to the profitability of companies as revealed earlier this year in a study conducted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

In an analysis of the world’s largest corporate entities, companies that had a higher presence of gender diversity in their executive positions outperformed their competitors.

Even further executive compensation firm Equilar conducted a study where female CEO’s actually were paid more than their male counterparts.

In essence, a greater emphasis on gender diversity and equality is only beneficial for all involved.

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