Weed And Women: How Marijuana Affects The Female Body

Weed. Dope. Herb. Hemp. Green. Ganja. Loud.

I can think of about 50 different names for that stinky green plant that we all love oh-so much.

Weed is universally loved, including among the sexes. As marijuana prohibition is finally dying down, due to states legalizing weed for recreational use, there is a significant growth of the number of cannabis users everyday.

Studies centered around cannabis are also growing, and statistics show that weed affects women and men very differently.

While this should not come as any shock, (our bodies go through a lot during our monthly cycle) it can be disconcerting to find yourself reacting differently to your nightly joint.

Your Ovulation Period

Unfortunately, or fortunately, our bodies react differently a few days before we begin ovulation.

A study analyzed by Herb.co tells us that females will experience an increased sensitivity to the plant, due to the spike in estrogen levels.

Withdrawals Are No Fun

While you cannot get chemically addicted to marijuana, you can definitely experience withdrawal symptoms.

Nausea, anxiety, depression, irritability, body pains, loss of appetite, and restlessness can all be symptoms experienced after stopped prolonged use of smoking herb.

Increased Sex Drive

Ooh la la. Did you know that marijuana is actually considered an aphrodisiac in some cultures?

As early as the 7th century, cannabis has been used in practices like Tantra, in order to enhance sexual pleasure.

In a survey conducted by Psychology Today, 67% of users marijuana increased sexual pleasure and drive.

While the studies have been unclear as to why this is, professionals speculate that a calm mind is the real contributing factor. In men, cannabis has been said to decrease sexual appetite and sperm count (ouch).

Don’t Forget

The affects on visuospatial memory have been recorded in women.

An abstract pulled by Karger conducted an exploratory study, where 25 heavy smokers were compared to 30 light smokers.

Visuospatial memory is the capacity to visualize and identify spatial objects. When tested, the women who smoked marijuana seemed to have affected memory, heavy smokers affected much more.

“Upon examining data for the two sexes separately, marked and significant differences were found between heavy- and light-smoking women on the subtest examining visuospatial memory.

On this test, subjects were required to examine a 6 × 6 ‘checkerboard’ of squares in which certain squares were shaded. The shaded squares were then erased and the subject was required to indicate with the mouse which squares had formerly been shaded. Increasing numbers of shaded squares were presented at each trial.

The heavy-smoking women remembered significantly fewer squares on this test, and they made significantly more errors than the light-smoking women.”

Pain Relief

Finally, a benefit! Cramps got you down? Pack a bowl!

Studies show that women and men are more receptive to relief from pain when it comes to cannabis.

Although ladies, studies have shown that men get the most pain relief when smoking marijuana, not women.

A study in Pain News tells us that women who smoked marijuana reported a small increase in tolerance after smoking.

“Among those who smoked cannabis, men reported a significant decrease in pain sensitivity and an increase in pain tolerance. But the women who smoked cannabis did not experience a significant decrease in pain sensitivity, although they did report a small increase in pain tolerance shortly after smoking.”

Weed is a complicated and endlessly fascinating drug, so the results are different for everyone. If it makes you feel better, smoke on.

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