The US Virgin Islands Is Paying People To Chill On Their Beaches All Day

As snot runs down my nose and I’m furiously rubbing my frozen hands to prevent frostbite in this New York City 30 degrees weather, I am imagining myself on a deserted Island.

This island is warm with no clouds in sight with soft white sand.

The ocean on this island is clear blue green and I can see fish swimming on top of my feet.

Sounds like the perfect scenario right about now, doesn’t it?

Now, imagine getting paid to do all of the things that I mentioned. Starting next year, the Virgin Islands will be giving visitors $300 to spend on the island.

The reason for this $300 is to celebrate the Virgin Island’s 100 years of being U.S. territory where people can visit. While we would all love to get the $300 cash and spend it when we get back home on luxuries, that is not how it works.

The purpose of this gratuity is so that you can get a taste of the island’s culture. In other words, the money can only be redeemable in activities like museum tours, food tours, and outdoor activities.

Now, how do you get this $300? All you have to do is book a three-night stay in St. Croix, St. Thomas or St. John. You can book your stay here. From there, you will be given vouchers that will be used like cash to use on activities on the island.

$300 for three nights sounds good enough for me, considering I will be on the beach tanning all day every day. But the good news doesn’t end there, if you book your nights in March, the actual month where the Virgin Island’s make 100 years of being U.S territory, you will receive a special gift!

This might be the best Christmas gift ever. I’m all about winter vacations that feel like summer!

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