How Tory Burch’s New ‘Embrace Ambition’ Campaign Empowers Women

On behalf of International Women’s Day, the Tory Burch Foundation has launched the Embrace Ambition campaign.

The Embrace Ambition campaign links the take a pledge page, the pledge consists of 5 things. I will:

1. Embrace ambition.

2. Proudly articulate my ambition. Not hide it.

3. Defend women who are criticized for being ambitious.

4. Dream big. Not justify my dreams.

5. Help all women to embrace their ambition.

With less than 15% of female business leaders, the campaign is meant to drive and motivate women everywhere to achieve their goals.

The campaign includes a video of both female and male celebrities, inspiring viewers everywhere to take part in the campaign. Women are encouraged to “embrace their ambition and own their joy.”

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Self-made millionaire, philanthropist, and well-known fashion designer Tory Burch shared that she absolutely hated the word “ambition” when she first started work.

According to CNBC, Burch was quoted saying, “When I got into the workforce, it seemed like anytime people described an ambitious woman, it was a bit negative.”

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In an interview with Entrepreneur, Burch went into further detail,

“I think when men are ambitious, it’s celebrated. When women are ambitious, it’s somehow negative and derogatory. It’s a cultural stereotype and harmful double standard that we need to change. Equal rights and equal pay for women should not be a favor, it should be a given.”

The campaign even features an “Ambition Guidebook,” to help women get started on creating and building their dreams.

“Negativity is noise and you have to block it out,” Burch concludes her interview with Entrepreneur.

“There will be a lot of naysayers and a lot of opinions. Be an information gatherer, but have conviction and a point of view.”

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