13 Tips That Will Guarantee Success On Your Next Job Interview

Interviews are obviously a massive part of asserting yourself into the professional world. The interview is almost more crucial than what’s written on your resume itself.

No one can know who you are just from reading a piece of paper. People need to interact face to face in order to form a true understanding of who the candidate at hand truly is.

Body language, speaking eloquently with proper grammar, as well as eye contact and positive attitude all play a major role when sitting in a room with your potential employer. Making a lasting impression is key to getting the job you want most.

Some free advice:

1. No matter how much or how little you are actually interested in the job you are interviewing for, act like it’s the only, and most important job to you. Show this with a positive and engaging attitude and you will more than likely get a call back.

2. Never turn down an interview, the more you practice the better! It is always valuable to know how to sell yourself and be comfortable sitting down with all kinds of people and get your message across; that you are what they are missing from their work environment and adding you will be a great asset to the company.

3. Be sure to ask plenty of questions. You want to make sure the job description is not false advertising. Ask what a given day is like or even hours and dress code. Things that seem simple and clear may not be that way once you start the new job.

4. Don’t buy into empty promises. A lot of employers will say things like there is room for growth in this position or we believe in reviews after x amount of time, make sure they’re good for their word. Do your research on the company see if you can find out the turnover of employees. This will help you, if lots of people leave after under five years it’s probably because they aren’t being paid to move up and or stay.

5. Personality fit. Not everyone understands how crucial this is. Working at any job will require teamwork with co-workers. If your personality doesn’t mesh well with the team then chances are you won’t enjoy the job.

Work takes up about half of our lives so it should be relatively enjoyable to the sense where you wake up every day and look forward to working with your co-workers.

6. Ask for a business card. You want to keep track of all of the interviews you go on. It will also be a great tool to keep in contact even if you don’t get hired with that company this time around. If they liked you, then who is to say that later on down the line when you are searching for a job again, you can reach out for another chance at their job opening.

7. Following up with a thank you email is always crucial. Here’s a great reason to get the interviewer’s card, it has the employers direct contact info. The sooner you write one the better, because it shows the employer that a. You are eager and excited about this job opportunity and b. You have great etiquette and know how to be a socially conscious communicator which is a very tasteful skill to posses in business.

8. When answering the inevitable ‘biggest weakness’ question, you should be honest but positive. For example, you pay attention to detail and sometimes it causes you to over think and not hand in work that was probably going to suffice after first edit.

9. Don’t lie about your skill section. If you don’t know excel you better get a crash course before day 1 on the job or you will be knees deep in work and miserable with your newly found position.

10. There is a learning curve to every job, if you are perfect from day one you won’t have any excitement in learning new things. You should always be a little nervous about your new job, it means you will grow and learn and that is the most exciting part about life.

11. Dress appropriately for the job. Don’t over dress for the job. Wearing your finest suit and tie or nicest jewelry may send the wrong message. Not only do you want this job but you need this job. Having nice clothes and jewelry might be acceptable at an appropriate age when you’re going for partner at a firm or associate designer, but know your audience and think carefully about how you want to show how much you have.

12. Leave plenty of time to get to your interview. Sometimes it is best to do a test walk to your location the day before and see how long it takes to get there. This way, the day of the meeting you won’t be nervous about being late and you will know exactly where you are headed.

13. Bring an extra copy of your resume and print it on nice paper.  You never know how many people are going to be present at your interview. There is also the possibility that they like you so much they want you to meet a higher up or the potential team you will be working with! Best to be over-prepared.

Now get out there and kill those interviews!

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Hayley Nerenberg

Hayley grew up in the suburbs outside of NYC and went to Syracuse University where she received a BFA in Fashion Design. Currently residing in Manhattan, she designs womenswear couture by day and tries to have a social life by night. Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, staying active, listening to NPR and drawing doodles.