Tinder Is Showing Out For Women On International Women’s Day In A Great Way

Despite the stigma that surrounds the controversial dating app, Tinder is actually doing something pretty dope on behalf of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

In an interview with Bustle, Tinder’s Gloval Vice President Rosette Pambakian goes into detail of the company’s motives.

The goal of this campaign is to have a significant impact on women of all ages worldwide, which is the benefit of working with so many incredible women’s organizations. We believe that Millennial women will participate most in the #FundHerCause initiative because this group has proven that they want to be part of meaningful social action and the overall conversation through participation in female empowerment movements like the recent women’s marches. Tinder understands the importance of this female narrative in all aspects of life and wants the #FundHerCause campaign to serve as another way for women to have their voices heard with a direct impact on other women around the globe.”

Using the Twitter hashtag #FundHerCause, the hookup app will be distributing $100 to random people.

If you are given the money, you will be able to choose from the 12 charities Tinder will announce on www.tinder.fund.

All you have to do is tweet #FundHerCause to @Tinder, and describe what you’re passionate about.

Tinder is partnered with Pledgeling, an online platform that builds relationships between organizations and their audience.

The feminist movement is stronger than ever, with campaigns like “A Day Without Women” taking place on March 8th.

With recent protests regarding Donald Trump’s presidency taking place, everyone should participate in Tinder’s campaign.

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