Teyana Taylor, The ‘Fade’ Music Video And Authentic Female Body Image

I’m almost 100% positive that I am not the only one whose jaw dropped at the sight of Teyana Taylor in her star role in Kanye West’s “Fade” video. I literally stared in awe as I watched her six pack and perfect bum dance across the screen.

All I could think was, “how can i get there, and when?” I then proceeded to log into my social media accounts and encountered a literal swarm of women and girls alike with “goals” messages asking, “why can’t I be like this?!” It was at that very moment I’d realized what Teyana had done for us.

Thematically, the video drew from the 80’s classic Flashdance. If you’ve never seen the movie, let me help you out. Flashdance was about a young girl trying to accomplish her dreams with minimum support and lots of doubt within herself (groundbreaking for us women, I know *cues sarcasm*).

Fast forward to 2016, watching the video with this theme in hand was really a revelation of how far we’ve come since 1983.

Well damn, Teyana just came along and made strong SEXY for the masses. Let’s take it back to 1983, was this your average video girl? We’re used to the superficial (maybe even plastic) image of a woman in music videos.

The ‘perfect’ hourglass shape that wouldn’t be achieved without thousands of dollars-or a sponsor. But here we are, 2016, and Teyana Taylor was a huge combination of sexy and confidence that I’d rarely ever seen. She did this all by being herself.

This video was not just promotion of her body, but her personal brand as well. Media coverage blanketed the internet the following day with one main question “Who is Teyana Taylor and why do you need to know her?”

This came along with plenty of opportunities for Teyana, including her very own fitness program, Fade2Fit. While this program is still in the works and will not be released until the New Year. The Instagram account already contains 16.6k followers.

This fitness program includes a collaboration with the Just Dance 2017 video game, as well as its very own merchandise to come along with it.

Not all powerful and sexy women wear suits. As women, we are often confined to a rigid role with a thin line between sexy and trashy. If Teyana showed us anything with this it’s that our time is now.

The video itself was interpreted as Taylor coming into her fierceness as an independent woman, and a mother. Women are on the rise and able to be anything we want to be. There are ways to feel powerful in and out of the office.

I am guilty of only feeling powerful when I can help others accomplish their goals. But, what about our personal goals? This time is ours for the taking because, simply put, we can. This isn’t something that, as women, we could always say.

The “Fade” music video was among the many motivating factors for women to rise up in 2016 and left many of us asking ourselves “what are you waiting for?”

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Kim is your not-so-average millennial. Living on both sides of the spectrum, she works creatively in Fashion, and Finance. Kim holds a BBA and is now pursuing her MBA while balancing a healthy self-fulfilling lifestyle and traveling the world for inspiration.