Women Show Up To Texas Senate Dressed As ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Characters

Talk about a fashion statement.

On Monday March 20th, a group of women arrived at the Texas Senate dressed as characters from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

The clothing trend was inspired by characters of the feminist-dystopian novel, where women, including the main character “Offred,” are forced to give birth against their will in a depleting society.

The statement was done to protest two new bills, SB 415 and SB 25.

Senate Bill 415 effectively bans the, “safest and most common method of performing an abortion in the second trimester, dilation and evacuation (D&E),” according to Vox.

Legislators have used the term “dismemberment abortion ban” to refer to second and third trimester abortion, which was the basis for their decision.

The D&E ban has been long debated. Advocates of the ban use the argument that a living fetus can experience pain within the womb.

“They say banning the procedure is necessary because it’s inhumane to remove a living fetus from the uterus in ‘pieces.’ But there is no good medical evidence that fetuses can experience pain before well into the third trimester of pregnancy — and no evidence at all that this could happen early in the second trimester, when most D&Es are performed.”

Senate Bill 25 “Would allow doctors to lie to their patients,” according to the Huffington Post. What this means is that if a doctor detects any abnormality in the baby, they have a right to withhold that information from the mother- and the mother can’t sue them for doing so.

Although the bills were passed by senate, they are currently awaiting approval by the Texas State House.

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