Tenka Labs Shows Off New Building Blocks For Fun Learning In The Digital Age

Today Tenka Labs revealed their “Circuit Cubes”. They’re like really smart LEGOs.

The electronic building blocks have LEDs, sensors, sound, functioning motors, and can be snapped together to make multifunctional 3D objects.

Tenka Labs has already raised $2.1 million in support of their efforts. Their co-founders Nate McDonald and John Schuster have been robotics teachers for a long time.

They realized that because kids learn better with hands on applications, they needed a product that kids could play with and learn from.

Founded in 2015, Tenka Labs still remains in Sausalito, California. Their Circuit Cubes don’t require apps and screens which makes their toys completely unique.

Their product sparks interest in science, math, electronics, and programing. All of which are tricky to learn without the proper tools.

Available for preorder are three cubes called the Motor Cube, Battery Cube, and LED Cube. They are available in three introductory kits: Whacky Wheels, Bright Lights, and Smart Art.

Each set is available for $60 and comes with wires, a variety of LEGO-style bricks, and other parts specific to the kits such as wheels, hubs, and markers. They also include three primary cubes.

“Our goal is to show kids exactly how a geared motor works or the difference between a serial and parallel connection without taking the fun out of it,” said Schuster, in a statement. “Kids need to be completely engaged first if they’re going to really absorb complex concepts on how things work. When kids are having fun, they’re at their maximum learning curve to develop the skills needed to start building and designing things, and to go on their own adventure.”

What would have been seen as futuristic in the past is now the reality for children everywhere.

Growing up in this digital age has provided unique learning opportunities for many students and I predict a lot of schools will buy these kits as a recourse for their technology related classes.

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