The Rise of Sustainable Fashion

Environmental rights and care for the planet are on the forefront of many people’s minds right now and for a very good reason. Ice caps are melting, ecosystems are dying, and overconsumption of resources is creating a global waste crisis. Many fashion brands see that a big part of this issue is how we are producing our products. To combat our misuse of the planet these woman owned and woman driven brands have started to create sustainable fashion.

Raven + Lily

Created to alleviate poverty among women, Raven + Lily employs at risk women and empowers them to earn a living for themselves and their families. Raven + Lily prides themselves on using recycled or repurposed materials, which helps alleviate the waste that is usually created by the fashion industry.


Symbology is all about preserving traditional art forms in each of their products. Wanting to make ethical fashion the norm instead of the exception, Heyl has combined modern designs with textile arts worldwide.

Brook There

Brook There is creating low impact lingerie that not only looks good but is good for our environment. All of their garments are housed in the same facility in which they were cut and sewn.


Woman go through approximately 17,000 tampons during their lifetime. The women behind THINX had a better solution for your time of the month. Instead of having to use tampons and pads they have created underwear that you can menstruate in.


PeopleTree is a pioneer in ethical and sustainable fashion. Their mission is to be 100% Fair Trade throughout their supply chain by purchasing the majority of their products from marginalized producer groups in developing worlds with the bulk coming from India.

The rise of women’s empowerment not only creates eco-friendly products, but allows women to stand up on their own and gain access to healthcare, education, and healthy lifestyles.

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