How Short Girls Can Make Themselves The Biggest Person In The Room

I can say that I have been relatively short my whole life.

I figured that I was officially “fun size” in middle school when people would come back from summer vacation an inch or two taller.

Being 5’0″ always made me the shortest person in the group, and I hated it for the longest time. People would literally look past my head in a group conversation, some would try to use my head as an arm rest, and the worst of them all, the words people used to describe me. I would always get “aww” or “cute” like I was a chihuahua.

It was not until I got into high school where I learned that size doesn’t matter. I was part of the track team and the wrestling team, both sports where you would think only tall and bigger girls dominated. I was actually one of the top runners in the borough and although I didn’t place for the wrestling team, you best believe I gave those guys and girls a fight.

In honor of Short Girl Appreciation Day, we should remember it is not the size that determines your values, strength, and goals. Short girls are just as fierce and boss as the tall girls in the room. It’s all about how we take advantage of this opportunity.

Here are some things you can think about if you suffer from #shortpeopleproblems in the workplace or any social situations.

Project your voice!

Since we are in fact closer to the ground, our voices can only be heard by those on the same level as us. If you want everyone in the room to recognize who you are, make sure you speak with a clear and loud voice.

A loud voice will draw attention and the focus will be on you.

Remember we have just as much opinions and beliefs, we should be able to express ourselves without the self-consciousness of our height getting in the way.

Stand up tall

You know the saying “if you tell yourself something, you’ll believe it”? Imagine you were a tall person and act as how you feel they would act.

The fear of doing things because of your height is all mental. Anything is possible if you tell yourself it is.

Studies show that when you stand in a superhero stance, you obtain the traits of a superhero making you more confident in your decisions.

Amy Cuddy, a psychologist did an experiment where two groups of people stood in two positions. One being a superhero position and the other being a slouch position. After the groups stood in that position for 17 minutes, they were asked to gamble.

The group who were in a superhero stance bet all their money while the other group kept the money and didn’t play.

I say you have to take risks sometimes to know what’s truly at the end. Short people, we have no limits!

Short people are winning too

When you start thinking you can’t make it in this tall-dominated world, look back at this list. compiled a list of women who are short and have made a dent in world history.

Some of the women on this list: Rosa Parks, Nicki Minaj, Angela Merkel and Coco Chanel.

Rosa Parks stood at 5’3″ and was a civil rights leader. She refused to give her seat up to a white passenger. This shows that her beliefs were way bigger than her size.

Nicki Minaj, standing at 5’0″, is the boss when it comes to her talent, she knows what she wants. She once said,

“I want you to respect my talent. When I get in the studio whether I’m with Wayne or whether I’m with Jadakiss or whoever I’m with I write my own sh*t. No matter what engineer I work with I know how the f*ck I want my sound.”

Angela Merkel stands at 5’5″. She is the current Chancellor of Germany and maybe the most powerful leader in Europe.

Better health benefits

Before you get upset about your height, think about all the great benefits that come with it. For example, living a longer life.

In a study conducted by Geoffrey Kabat of Albert Einstein College of Medicine,

“4 inches of height increases the risk of all types of cancer by 13 percent among post-menopausal women.”

Let’s not mention this to our tall friends.

Being vertically challenged shouldn’t define who you are. It is what you do with it and how you present yourself.

Once you start doing things that are beyond great, you will be recognized for it.

Short Girl Appreciation Day is everyday for me and it should be for you too. With so many successful short women out there, the word “cute” should not define us.

Instead, short women are powerful, persistent, and determined.

Like William Shakespeare said,

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

He couldn’t have said it any better.

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Theresa Maloco

Theresa is a beloved Empress OG who never thought she’d be a writer. After realizing her potential, she quit her retail job to be part of several start-up projects. Join her on this journey to success.