Rape Survivor Spoof Pokes Fun At Our Judaical System – And It’s Hilarious

Funny or Die released a satirical video, highlighting one of the many issues that victims of rape and sexual assault deal with.

The three-minute spoof opens up with Tatiana MaslanyOrphan Black star, inviting her coworker, played by Tori Anderson, to a night out.

Anderson’s character counters her invitation, responding with her own plans for the evening: To go down to the police station and request that her rape kit not be destroyed.

“Rape kit?” asks Maslany, “You mean all the evidence they spent hours collecting from every part of your body at the hospital on the night you were raped?”

“Yup,” responds Anderson, “They wanna throw it out without even testing to see if there’s a DNA match.”

The video then suggests a mock solution- the “Sexual Assault Survivor’s Utility Belt.”

The large kit turns out to be the opposite of what is expected. Rather than posing solutions for preventing rape and assault, the kit holds items that seemingly help women respond to the aftermath.

The kit includes a smart phone, a water gun, and apricots, normally useless objects that are turned into an assortment of rewarding commodities.

As a water gun falls out of the belt and clatters to the floor, Maslany’s character “Linda” picks it up with a bright smile, “Oh- that’s just to spray myself awake when I fall into a scream coma every time I think about how fucked up these laws are.”

The “Rape Kit Backlog” has been an ongoing problem for years. The backlog faces two major complications: 1. DNA analysis is not performed upon having a rape testing done. 2. Rape kits found in the laboratory are sometimes thrown out after a long duration period, and DNA is never tested.

Jurisdictions across the country do not have a joint system that records the number of tested and untested rape kits. End The Backlog, part of A Joyful Heart Foundation, is one of the many campaigns working on reforms to our judiciary system.

The video was shot as part of the Rise movement, a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of Sexual Assault Survivor Rights.

In an interview with The Cut, Maslany shares her own opinion on starring in the clever parody:

“I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this campaign. Survivors have already dealt with the most unimaginable trauma, and our justice system leaves them to fend for themselves, I hope this video encourages people around the country to get involved and demand that their state legislators pass these critical survivor protections.”

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