New Poll Shows Some Republican Men Wish They Were Women

Republican men are saying that women have it better these days. A recent poll states that according to republican men, it’s a much better time to be a woman.

The school of thought they’re following is this, women as a marginalized group are rising to higher levels right now and overstepping their male counterparts. In the past, women weren’t allowed to rise to certain positions within their companies, but now they can.

Some men fear that their jobs are in jeopardy and that women are essentially taking over.

Trump supporter Dennis Halaszynski, an 81-year-old retired police captain in McKeesport, PA., says “It’s easier being a woman today than it is a man. The white man is a low person on the totem pole. Everybody else is above the white man.”

This comment gets me pretty fired up in disagreement yet somehow this line of thought is echoed by white males who feel marginalized.

Women have struggled to take charge over horrible inequalities surrounding unequal responsibilities; caring for children, violence against women, over-sexualization of women, the lack of women in political office and positions of power, sexism, racism, less opportunities in the workplace, and access to birth control and abortion, but apparently it’s men that are oppressed.

The same study also showed that these men are underestimating the sexism faced by women.

Tayler Lien, 22, a mixed-race college student in Las Vegas who voted for Hillary Clinton says “People feel validated in their racist and sexist beliefs right now, it’s a little scary.”

I agree. Trump stepping into office has become a justification for men like Halaszynski to raise their ignorant voices.

The feelings of myself and white males aside, looking at Trump’s policies to help women in the workplace seem a bit promising. Let me explain, both parties can agree that women need laws in place to keep them secure in the workplace.

Specifically, equal pay and paid maternity leave. Traditionally, Republicans have opposed these outcries of feminists and progressives, but Trump said he’s for it. Congress wouldn’t let Obama do anything about it but 86% of  Republicans agree that Trump and Congress should work on getting paid family and medical leave.

Trump supporters such as 83-year-old Peg Cherry think that because Trump’s daughter is in charge of a company he should have her best interest in mind and continue to help women in the workforce.

Women have made it clear what we want, it’s up to Trump to start making moves to change things. 

We won’t hold our breath.

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