Ohio’s New ‘Heartbeat Bill’ And Why Women’s Health Activists Are Worried

On Tuesday, Ohio lawmakers passed the “Heartbeat Bill” which states that abortions will not be preformed if a heartbeat is detected.

A heartbeat can be detected as soon as 6 weeks which is barely how long it takes a woman to realize they’re pregnant.

This bill is so strict that it essentially bans abortion completely.

John Kasich has 10 days from when the bill was passed to either veto it or let it roll out. If he chooses not to respond, we will see this law come to effect early next year.

This law does not make exceptions for incest or rape, the only exception is if it is to protect a woman’s life. Other senators have spoken about this life changing matter.  According to CNN, state Senate President Keith Faber said,

“New president, new Supreme Court justice appointees, change the dynamic, and that there was a consensus in our caucus to move forward. I think it has a better chance than it did before.”

Kris Jordan, a pro-life Republican from Ostrander, says,

“The passage of this legislation in the Ohio Senate demonstrates our commitment to protecting the children of Ohio at every stage of life.”

Executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund,Dawn Laguens, also said in a statement,

“Make no mistake — these bills punish women”

Ohio state Senator Charleta Tavares also expressed her feelings on the bill saying,

“I believe everyone has a right to their own body. We allowed a good bill that protects the health and safety of our children to be bastardized into a government takeover of women’s wombs.”

Charleta Tavares is referring to the the Roe v. Wade decision. It is was a decision made by the Supreme Court in January 1973 that states a woman has the right to make her own personal medical decisions.

Americans have stood by this decision for 40 years.

This decision is protecting women who are victims of unwanted pregnancies, incest, and rape. It is possible in 10 days depending on the verdict, we will see a reminiscence of America in 1965.

In 1965, when abortions were illegal, “illegal abortions made up one-sixth of all pregnancy — and childbirth — related deaths.” as stated on PlannedParenthoodaction.org.

The progress and efforts of pro-choice supporters might have to start from the very beginning once the decision has been made by Governor John Kasich.

Is our history being changed for the better or worse?

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