Nebraska Senator Bill Kintner Forced To Resign After Women’s March Tweets

In light of the historical Women’s March that occurred on Saturday the 21st across the country, another politician has exposed themselves.

Nebraska Senator Bill Kintner was forced to step down from his position after his now-deleted retweet landed him in hot water.

Tweet EmpressIt consisted of three women participating in the Women’s March holding signs that together stated “Not this pussy. Not mine either. Not this pussy.”

Kintner retweeted this and stated “Ladies, I think you are safe,” which, well, yeah isn’t a great thing at all.

Kintner claims he was unaware of the potential misinterpretation that could occur and deleted the post following the backlash that followed.

“By retweeting a message, I was not implying support for putting women in fear of their personal safety. I took down the retweet as soon as I became aware that it was being misconstrued.”

Kintner’s resignation shortly followed as this last piece of controversy was the final straw of his scrutinized career. Back in 2016, Kintner was involved in a scandal after he was caught using his state issued laptop to trade sexually explicit videos and conversations with a stranger.

This stranger received a video of Kintner masturbating into a webcam and used this as blackmail. If he did not pay her $4,500 dollars she would post it online, which would not have been favorable to his career and life.

Eventually, the incident was settled with Kintner and he was forced to pay a fine of $1,000 for his illegal use of a state issued computer.

In other news, another state senator was also condemned for an inappropriate social media posting.

Indiana State Senator Jack Sandlin faced scrutiny after he shared a meme about the Women’s March, which stated “In one day, Trump got more fat women walking than Michelle Obama did in eight years.”

It’s surprising how people in positions of power would think this would be eve sort of appropriate.

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