Over 3.2 Million People Took Part In Women’s Marches Around The World

The Women’s March on Washington on Saturday was a massive success that saw over 3.2 million women all across the world come out to fight for their human rights.

You read that right, millions. You could imagine how surprised the organizers for the Women’s March on Washington were when they only expected 200,000 people.

It was almost hard to believe that there were people left in Washington after seeing the trending picture comparing Barack Obama’s inauguration and Donald Trump’s.

According to the people who marched, it was so crowded that it was hard to even march.

The estimate was done by FiveThirtyEight in which it asked local officials and march officials to come up with a number. The estimate is far from accurate because according to their research, march officials exaggerated the size by 40 percent.

With that being said, coming up with a rough estimate for the 300 cities across the country was difficult.

It is not clear out of Washington, D.C, New York City, or Los Angeles who came in first with the highest attendance. Boston had an estimate of 175,000 marchers, Chicago with 150,000 and Seattle with 120,000.

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Other cities who marched like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Austin had an estimate of 50,000 people who marched. Olympia, Washington was recorded to have the least amount of people marching with only 10,000 marchers.

It was not a surprise that the cities that marched were blue states and voted for Hillary Clinton. Also, not to mention that there were many Hillary signs that were seen across the country.

As for the other states, results show that 11 percent of marches were in swing states and only 10 percent in red states. Nate Silver from FiveThrityEight wrote,

“At a macro level, Democrats have every right to be encouraged about the Women’s Marches.”

People who believe in human rights will not stop fighting for it and they proved that on Saturday.

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