Making An Impact: Why Millennials Choose To Create Their Own Careers

Imagine a world where you can choose the career of your dreams, a job that matches your personal values and is focused on your own life goals.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it. You can just go for it. Many millennials are.

A 2014 survey conducted by Bentley University through it’s PreparedU Project show that two-thirds of millennials plan on starting their own companies and thirty-seven percent prefer to work on their own.

According to Gabrielle Jackson, President and Founder of the Millennial Solution,

“Millennials are the ‘customize-it’ generation — from shopping online to video streaming. They want their user experience personalized to their preferences. Creating their career path is no different.”

Millennials are engaging in activities and lifestyles that are opposed to the standard “American dream,” opposed to climbing the corporate ladder, and that are more in tune with our passions and motives.

In a sense we are becoming enlightened and obtaining a more universal philosophy. How so you ask? It’s no secret a lot of us enjoy getting high and engaging in conscious conversations. We see things for what they are.

We understand the importance of nutrition and listening to our bodies. When we are overworked we say, “I can’t keep slaving away.”

And that’s how a lot of us feel sometimes. My advice to those people is don’t continue feeling like a sell out.

We live an era where people and opportunities are at the palm of your hands.  

The digital age, despite its many faults and distractions, has made it easier to connect with the world. We are able to brand ourselves and have our work accessible to millions of people. Multi-careerism has been made possible through connectivity.

There’s a misconception that millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, are lazy or lack ambition. But that’s not true.

We are a generation forced to work with multiple side-jobs if we want to actually live.

We know that the first check goes straight to bills and the second to savings or other necessities.

Many of us understand that we can’t depend on a degree to secure our dream job.

Right now there is a musician getting home from his nine to five office job, busting his behind laying down vocals for his anticipated EP, unaware of the time passing because he’s doing what he loves.

There’s a young scientist working long hours, day and night, with a goal of developing cancer-killing alternatives, like Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green achieved with laser treatment technology.

We’re playing by the rules, but we’re changing the game along the way. We are shifting the way corporate America views employees and their role in business. According to a 2016 survey by Deloitte,

“{Millennials} express little loyalty to their employers. [They] feel underutilized and believe they’re not being developed as leaders.”

The survey shows that in comparison to 2015 businesses are behaving in a more “ethical manner” (58 percent versus 52 percent) and that “their leaders are committed to helping improve society” (57 percent versus 53 percent).

Regardless of our career path, we are working on making a difference, inspiring people, and creating social change. Throughout time we are becoming more conscious of what it takes to live a purposeful and complete life.

We want to travel and explore the world, organize protests in the fight for our social rights, and become leaders of tomorrow, maybe even today.

Millennials don’t want to see our only life go to waste by merely chasing a piece of paper in order to survive.

We want to make it a life worth living.

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Zerline Alvarez

Zerline is a freelance writer and documentary photographer based in NYC. Her most important mission in life is to enhance the lives of others and create social change through activism and her craft. She enjoys reading, being among family and friends, and collaborating with creatives.