Michelle Obama Personifies Female Strength In Last Interview As FLOTUS


Imagine two inspiring women in the same room, were you thinking Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey? If so, that happened the other night in the last hour-long interview conducted in the White House. Oprah covered the history that was built in the last 8 years by Barack and Michelle Obama.

This interview in the White House covered subjects from what it felt like to be called the “angry black woman” all the way to being open to giving advice to Melania Trump.

When Oprah asked Obama about the label she received when she first entered the White House, “angry black woman” she said that it’s not about her but it’s the writers.

“That was one of those things that you just sort of think, ‘Dag, you don’t even know me,’ you know?” Obama said.

“We are so afraid of color, wealth and these things that don’t matter still play too much of a role in how we see one another. It’s sad because the thing that least defines us as people, is the color of our skin, it’s the size of our bank accounts.-It’s our values and how we live our lives and you can’t tell that from somebody’s race.”

Michelle is a firm believer of race and values being independent of each other. There is more to people than what the outside reveals.

“And then I thought, ‘OK, well, let me live my life out loud so that people can then see and then judge for themselves.”

This is one of the reasons why Michelle Obama will be missed. Her realness is incomparable to any other woman we have seen in the White House. She advises young people to live out loud and be yourself.

Michelle Obama also discusses the how she got to where she was and how every step is a learning process.

“Let us not forget, I didn’t just wake up First Lady. I mean, I went to law school, I practiced law, I worked for the city, I ran a nonprofit [and] I was an executive at a hospital. I’ve been in the world. I’ve worked in every sector, and you don’t do that without coming up against some stuff. You know, having your feelings hurt, having people say things about you that aren’t true… Life hits you, so over the course of living, you learn how to protect yourself in it. You learn to take in what you need and get rid of the stuff that’s clearly not true.”

Now the question, will Michelle Obama run for President in 2020? While we all want to see that happen, she has confirmed that she will not be running. She is not a fan of what the job entails. She says the job “requires a lot of sacrifice.”

“I mean, the next family that comes in here, every person in that family, every child, every grandchild, their lives will be turned upside down in a way that no American really understands,” she confesses. “And it’s not for us to complain about it. So you don’t hear complaints. But it is a truth, an actuality, that there is a weight to it.”

Michelle Obama holds no grudge with the Trump family and says that she is there if Melania Trump ever needs advice.

We say goodbye to the first African-American President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as they hand over their title as POTUS and FLOTUS to President-elect Donald Trump and Melania Trump in January 2017.

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