Why Having A Mentor Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

If I had one advice to give someone for the New Year, it would be to get yourself a mentor.

Not a friend, a mentor. A mentor will be there when you feel like you’ve come to an edge and don’t know what to do next.

Essentially, this mentor will guide you to make the right decisions and will be your number one supporter.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to meet one of my mentor’s mentors. What happened at this meeting was not something I anticipated that would change my life forever.

Peter Yobo, a millennial business consultant, and mentor to many, explained to me that there are 3 types of people. There are the dabblers, achievers, and masters.

Before I tell you why your end goal should eventually be a master let me explain the 2 other types of people.

We all know someone who says they’re going to do big things with their life but when the opportunity is presents itself, they are MIA.

This type of person is called a dabbler, the type you do not want to be.

These type of people get nowhere in life and I suggest you drop these people in your circle of friends as soon as possible. Peter Yobo says,

“Proximity is KEY – surround yourself with people who are living the life you want. You will soon become like them”

The reason why I stopped making resolutions every year is because I would come up with a list of things that I wanted to accomplish and find myself nowhere close to accomplishing them.

The reason for not pursuing them was because I was lazy, tired, afraid, and somehow always found a way to justify my actions.

These are common traits of a dabbler. Yes, I was once a dabbler.

At one point, I said I was going to manage my time better and study two weeks before a test. Unfortunately, that went downhill very fast. The people around me noticed quickly and started to treat me like the boy who cried wolf.

They stopped asking me for my opinion and never asked me for favors like they used to. I became unreliable. For someone who wishes to be successful in any industry, they must earn people’s trust. Trust leads to long term connections.

It’s a small world and if one person knows that you are unreliable, everyone knows.

Once you start checking off the things on your list, you become what is called an achiever.

An achiever is a go getter and does not stop working until they have reached their goals.

As a college student who is affiliated with two startup companies, I am an achiever. I work hard to make sure every deliverable is met in order for me and the companies I work for to be successful.

While you are in the achieving stage, I suggest that you do all your learning here (although you should never stop learning). This stage is considered the stepping stone to much bigger things.

Lastly, the type that everyone should aspire to is a master. According to dictionary.com the definition of a master is “a person with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something.”

Basically, after achieving and learning everything about the particular field that you are interested in, you can “sit back and relax.” As a master you are able to teach others that which you have mastered and watch your empire unfold.

People can sense a master and then they will come to you for answers.

Steve Jobs was a master. He was an extraordinary innovator who knew what people wanted and gave it to them.

Although he never was a teacher, according to one of his employees, just being around him taught them so much. William Hall, a former employee wrote about what he learned in the 13 years working for Steve Jobs on Business Insider. According to Hall,

Steve expected greatness no matter what your role at Apple. He believed that everyone should possess the same attention to detail that he had. I saw a person who could be blunt, but it was his frustration with people that he felt were underachievers of their own potential greatness that got him riled.”

Steve Jobs always excelled at everything he did and he knew people could do the same.

Peter Yobo stresses that it is necessary to have all three types in this world.

The world needs dabblers – they dream, the world also needs achievers because they do, and the world needs masters because they teach.”

Knowing this makes setting goals much easier. Who do you want to be?

Mentors are essential when it comes to excelling in your career. I suggest that you have more than one mentor that is used for different situations. For example, you might want to have a separate mentor for business questions and another mentor for spiritual ones.

Take advantage of your mentor and learn everything about them. If you think about it, they are masters themselves. And one final tip from Peter,

“Have a grand WHAT (have a dream that scares you and makes you doubt your ability to achieve it) then match that with a strong and compelling WHY (the reason why it MUST happen). You may not know how to achieve it, but with a grand vision/dream and a compelling reason for you to achieve it you will find a way!”

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