Justin Trudeau Shares $650M Health Care Plan Aiding Reproductive Rights

So…. Is Justin Trudeau real, or what?

Today is International Women’s Day, and women globally are participating in the Day Without A Woman movement.

In celebration of the international holiday, the Prime Minister shared his $650 million plan with the world.

Trudeau, who became prime minister November of 2015, says the government will focus on sexual education, and improving the use of reproductive contraceptives.

This means is a heavier emphasis on the right to pro-choice, extensive contraceptive funding, and stronger support of sexual health education.

The plan will also affect other causes, such as “forced marriages and female genital mutilation,” Toronto news platform The Star quotes.

The ambassador’s speech at a Women’s Day event was transcribed:

For far too many women and girls, unsafe abortions and a lack of choices in reproductive health mean that they either are at risk of death, or simply cannot contribute and cannot achieve their potential.

Trudeau took to Twitter to openly reject notions of gender inequality, and even threw in the #heforshe hashtag (just when you thought he couldn’t be anymore perfect).

Later on that day, Trudeau took a seat in the House of Commons and met with 338 young women who are involved in the “Daughters of the Vote” program.

The program is meant to reach out to young women and support them and their involvement in leadership, government, and politics, says CTV news.

In a speech that made my eyes misty, Trudeau took a moment to thank his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, for her love and support throughout the years.

“I have said many times that being with Sophie makes me a better leader, a better prime minister, challenges me, and grounds me. [She] reminds me everyday to be open, both open my eyes and open my heart, and to be engaged in the things that really really matter.”

Check out the full-length video on Global News.

To further show his involvement of International women’s day, Refinery29 reports Trudeau’s recent discussion with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

“My message to men is that women’s rights are everybody’s rights,” the website announced, “We know that society is better more prosperous, more stable, more peaceful, more cohesive when women’s rights are respected, and when women are valued, empowered, and lead the way in our communities.”


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