How Jessica Alba Went From Acting To Building A Billion Dollar Business

Actress, business mogul, or women’s advocate? If you had to choose between these careers what would it be? For Jessica Alba, she chose all of the above.

She didn’t pick a career that keep her in one box, instead she chose a career path which highlights all of her incredible attributes.

Many years ago, Jessica Alba stepped onto the scene as a talented actress known for her roles in the hip hop dance movie Honey and the television show Dark Angel.

Now, the actress has taken on a new role, as successful female entrepreneur who is taking the business world by storm. Alba, has created a company of her own known as The Honest Company.

The Honest Company provides consumer based products which are safe, well-designed, and toxic free. Her company offers products like home cleaning products, personal care, vitamins, and items for babies.

The Honest Company

Alba, who co-founded the company along with Christopher Gavigan, started the company based on her own experience.

While pregnant with her first child, Alba discovered that toxins were prevalent within baby clothes as she washed her child’s onesie and broke into hives. Alba, who was devastated, began thinking about all of the negative things that could happen to her newborn.

Alba was quoted saying,

I was thinking, what if my baby has a reaction and I don’t know? What if her throat is closing? I had all this fear and anxiety because I was always so sick as a child.”

From that moment on, she became determined to provide toxic free products which are safe for adults, and most importantly children.

Now, Alba had a company to pitch. A company based on the betterment and safety of society through effective consumer goods.

Three years later in 2011, the company was still in works with no signs of progression. Many investors including Brian Lee, the founder of, turned Alba’s idea down. Not once did she ever give up to find business investors, saying,

“Actresses are used to rejection.”

But by faith and good timing, Lee and Alba would later team up and form the company we know of today. By 2012, the company sales were approximately 10 million, despite only having 17 products.

Today, The Honest Company has more than 135 products with a net gross of approximately $1 Billion. Mrs. Jessica Alba is a mother, wife, and owner of a billion dollar business. Ladies, did you hear? Jessica Alba is a woman who owns a billion dollar business!

 Jessica is not only inspiring for her savvy business skills, but for her continuous empowerment of all women and mothers. Alba has stated, “Women don’t get equal pay”. “It’s a man’s world.” She later explains,

From an early age I wanted to be stronger than the boys. It wasn’t enough that I was as good as the girls; I looked at the boys as standard. I was competitive with men. I think it’s because men dominated in so many ways in my life. I wanted to be the person who dictated how things were going to be and not have to answer to the man.”

Alba is using her position in power to be the voice of woman across the globe. She also is standing up for all working mothers as she has two children. Alba juggles being a mom and a boss. Now what’s your excuse?

Everyday a woman is given a role of a mother, teacher, or even a doctor. The role the woman is given is the only occupation the woman can have. Now imagine being that woman with one role. It sucks right?

You’re ready to do something new, right? This is what happens when we don’t break society standards of what a woman should do or be. As women it is our obligation to reach beyond the limit and fight for something better in life.

Alba’s fight led her to be an actress, business woman, and women’s advocate. Find the Jessica Alba within yourself and become the boss you were meant to be.

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