How To Become Involved During Women’s History Month And Beyond

The month of March has been historically recognized as Women’s History Month since 1911.

During the month of March, and more specifically the week of the 8th, we celebrate the women in both our pasts and present who have elevated our world.

In order to further commemorate these empowered leaders, here are five ways on how to engage in involvement during Women’s History Month.

Sisterhood Huddle Meetings

Since the widely successful Women’s March earlier this year, women throughout the country, not to mention the world, have formed group meetings within their local neighborhoods in an effort to encourage similar movements to those seen in Washington, D.C.

These groups gather in various areas within their cities and discuss the next steps on how we can begin to transfer the energy felt during the Women’s March to the more present vision of addressing several government policies.

For more information on how to attend or host a huddle group near you, visit the Women’s March website,

Meet Up App, Networking with Other Women

The Meet Up application allows you to create your own meet ups and network with millions of women within your community over similar activities you both love.

With this application you can easily find a women’s empowerment workshop or a bookclub dedicating the month of March to a series of women-curated publications.

I recently attended a book discussion hosted by a male feminist where we discussed a book titled, “The Women Who Made New York” By: Julia Scelfo (strongly recommended).

These events will inspire, encourage and engage you in the essence of this impactful month by allowing you to immerse yourself with other women just like you! The Meet Up application is available for both Apple and Android users.

Join V-Day and Host a Vagina Monologues Event

V-Day is an organization that was started by Vagina Monologues creator Eve Enster.

The organization’s purpose is to advocate the ending of violence against women through creative events.

You can find a performance of Vagina Monologues to attend (possibly at a college near you) or organize one yourself at their website, You can also support the cause by donating to organizations dealing with violence against women.


Even if you are only able to spend one to two hours of volunteering for local causes near you (like a women’s shelter, or food bank), you can make a huge difference in the lives of some less fortunate women.

If you need help finding causes in your area, you can use resources like Volunteer Match or the U.S. government’s volunteer page to help you locate near by organizations.

You should also try and simply google “volunteer areas [insert local town/city]”.

I am currently volunteering at a women’s shelter in Harlem in which I help women between the ages of 16 – 25 find employment and affordable housing options within their limited means.

Feel free to check out more information on my women’s empowerment blog/forum, SocialButterflySpeaks, currently on Facebook to see how you too can join.

Girls Night Out!

After all these empowering networking events, meet ups and volunteer work, I strongly recommend a girl’s night out! This month is about uplifting one another, caring for one another, and acknowledging the importance of our gender.

What better way to remind ourselves of that then by kicking back with your favorite girlfriends while whipping out the freakum dress that’s been waiting patiently all winter.

Whether it’s a paint night with a few wine glasses or a night out on the town, have some fun and remember the world would be a strange, whack place without women!

As Gina Rodriguez says,

“Women’s History Month. Be about ladies, empower yourself and one another.”

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