International Women’s Day Sparks Protests All Over The Country

Following the peaceful Women’s March on Washington that took place this January, women around the world gathered for a second round.

This time, International Women’s Day was commemorated with another protest: A Day Without a Woman.

Participants all over the world took off work and wore red in order to join the rally in opposition to the recent government changes.

Actress Emma Watson showed her support by taking a photo wearing a red sweater and beret and holding feminist author Gloria Steinem’s New York Times best seller, “My Life on the Road.

The actress then went all over New York City hiding feminist literature in statues and parks.

The movement took place worldwide, with people in South America, Australia, Africa, Europe, and Asia getting involved.

Reuters reports some female-oriented recognitions that went down,

“They banged drums in Kiev, Ukraine, and played soccer in Nairobi, Kenya. In Sanaa, capital of war-torn Yemen, women dressed in niqabs, the all-black garments that cover the entire body except for an opening over their eyes, held up a sign reading, ‘You keep silent while our children die!'”

In New York, 13 arrests were made, according to TIME, including women’s rights activist and organizer, Bob Bland.

But even during the arrests, these women didn’t give up.

“The 13 women were kept two to a cell. They sang ‘We Shall Overcome’ and ‘This Little Light of Mine’ and gospel songs up and down the corridors of the NYPD’s 7th precinct in downtown Manhattan,” says TIME. “The goal is to show young girls and women that their voice is their power. The fact that we’re able to inspire so many other women out here in the world is truly an honor.”

Canadian reporter and television host Samantha Bee used her Full Frontal Twitter account to make joke about Trump and his administration, after the president’s attempt at tweeting insincere support.

“Hundreds seized on his call to honor “the critical role of women here in America and around the world” by referencing his offensive hot mic comments on the infamous 2005 bus ride with former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush,” writes the Huffington Post.

The president’s bogus compassion was not well received.

Needless to say, the holiday made an impact on the masses. Both International Women’s Day and A Day Without a Woman kept it cool, calm and collected while getting their message across the world:

A world free of human rights inequality.

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