H&M’s Gender-Neutral Collection Will Change World Of Fashion

It’s 2017, and H&M is all caught up with the times.

On March 23rd, H&M will be launching their unisex collection, Denim United.

Gender equality has become a hot-button issue. Twenty years ago, issues such as gender displacement were not only unheard of, but unaccepted as well.

Today, gender equality is a massive movement, one that has become stronger than ever.

H&M’s spokeswomen, Marybeth Smith, explains the motive behind the gender-neutral attire,

“It is very natural for us to launch a unisex collection as fashion is constantly evolving and intersecting and today we see there are no boundaries in democratic style. Fashion should always be inclusive.”

Positive reactions have flooded the internet with support. Harper’s Bazaar, described the collection in more detail:

“H&M’s new line will borrow characteristics from the companies men’s and women’s lines to form a more “modern” collection. This strategy, it goes without saying, is a break from the traditional way in which in which lines are released, with different cuts created two suits the different shapes of men’s and women’s bodies.”

Fans of the clothing line also expressed their positive reactions through Twitter:


Denim United is going to feature modern-casual, oversized clothing that is able to be rocked by both men and women.

Last year, sister company Zara released a similar line, also in support of gender neutral equality. However, the public’s reaction was mostly negative regarding Zara’s plain styles and basic pieces.

H&M’s featured denim looks good on both women and men, so we’ll be excited to see how this plays out.

Check out the entire collection on Harper’s Bazaar.

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