Could Hillary Clinton Be Thinking About Running For Mayor Of NYC?

Rumors have been circulating that Hillary Clinton, former 2016 Presidential nominee, will be running against incumbent Bill de Blasio, for New York City’s mayor.

Starting with an opinion editorial titled “New York City Needs Hillary Clinton To Run For Mayor,” The New York Post broadcasted their unwavering support to have Clinton as president- and did not bother hiding their disapproval towards the city’s incumbent.

Secretary Clinton, we’d love to see you run for mayor. New York City needs you… Progressive, but not obsessed with proving it — nor with trying to use the mayoralty to become a national leader. Passionate for social justice, but not an ideologue who’ll stick by homeless or affordable-housing policies that are clearly failing.”

In the recent presidential election, Clinton won about 80% of nationwide Democratic Party votes. Despite her liberal support, The Post’s editorial sparked subsequent negative reactions from several news outlets, including CNN.

“Clinton is enormously popular among city voters, who came out for her in overwhelming numbers during two runs for US Senate and two more for president. The incumbent mayor, progressive Bill de Blasio, enters this election year with a razor-thin 51% approval rating, giving rise to the idea that he could be beaten by a fellow Democrat.”

Quoting the aforementioned column, the news channel quickly reinstated their own incredulity on the matter.

“But it’s safe to assume that nobody in her right mind — certainly, nobody as familiar with the workings of government and politics as Clinton — would lightly take on the headaches of the nation’s largest city for such nakedly political reasons.”

Other’s showed their indifference at the concerns. Newsweek released their own article on the matter, titled, ”Zero Chance’ Hillary Clinton Would Run For Mayor Of New York City.

“I’m a Brooklyn kid, and my comment is, fuhgeddaboudit,” Newsweek humorously quoted political scientist Douglas Muzzio, “There is zero chance that’s going to happen.”

CNN columnist Errol Louis also dismissed the allegations on a lighter note: “My guess is that she’ll shudder at the thought, and keep strolling through the woods toward whatever life has in store for her.”

While it seems unlikely that Clinton will be running for NYC mayor anytime soon, “surprise” is an element American politics does not lack.

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