New Dating App ‘Hater’ Matches You With People Who Have A Common Hate

Unless you are a straight up savage, you start to play the dating game and meet new people over common interests, usually in a positive light.

Like how much you love when you are able to score a seat on the subway during rush hour, or when there is no line at Sweet Green, or when the employee at Chipotle forgets to charge you for Guac.

These are the things every New Yorker lives for, and trust me the $2.50 savings means a lot! But in 2017, it seems as though common hatred is what people are uniting over.

Outrage is a big thing today, especially in New York. It can range from slow walkers, to Time Square, to the MTA and their random price increases and track work disruptions, to that shitty landlord that most people have in NYC unless you live in luxury apartment buildings.

Well, 29-year-old Brendan Alper has recognized the ability to unite over mutual hate and has created a dating app called Hater, where you can meet people who hate crocs just as much as you do.

The new app “Hater“, which is set to launch on February 8th, mimics the basic premise of Tinder. You swipe down for hate, up for love, right for like, and left for dislike or opt out for neutral.

There is also a cool little option that allows you to press down and see what percentage of people responded with each reaction.

In its initial launch, Hater provides over 2000 topics in which users can unite over how much they hate things such as Donald Trump, gluten-free people and food, camping, cannabis, ass shots, and Taylor Swift.

Eventually the plan will be able to allow users to create and put forward their own topics, although Alper has raised concerns as this may provide a platform for people to express hate for subjects that are not appropriate and involve a full on hate speech.

“We view hate speech as completely unacceptable, we have zero tolerance for any sort of bigotry or hate speech or discrimination.”

After swiping through the topics for a bit, you can see your matches, with each percentage determined by your shared dislikes.

Alper says that Hater was initially a sketch idea.

“The more I thought about it, the more I thought ‘Hey even though this was a funny idea, it actually makes a lot of sense,”

Although it is a comical approach to the dating world, there is scientific evidence that express that Hater found the niche in dating.

Social psychologist, Jennifer Bosson, conducted a series of studies in 2006, which examined how much people bonded over a common dislike or hatred.

In one study, participants were asked to list one thing they liked and one thing they disliked about a fictitious character named Brad.

Then they were told they would meet someone who either liked or disliked the same thing about Brad.

The study found that “people who expected to meet a stranger felt closer to this person when they believed that they shared a negative — as opposed to a positive — attitude about a man named Brad.”

Bosson commented on her studies and told The New York Times Magazine,

“It’s not that we enjoy disliking people… It’s that we enjoy meeting people who dislike the same people.”

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