GOP’s ‘Trumpcare’ And What It Means For Women’s Health

When I walked into my first Planned Parenthood checkup in a while and sat down to have an annual birth control discussion with my doctor, imagine the surprise on my face when she told me the IUD was completely covered by health insurance.

“Come again?” I asked unwittingly, “Completely covered?” I knew access to birth control had become easier, I just had no idea how easy.

“Yup,” my health care physician smiled at my bemusement.

Mirena is one of the many covered by the Affordable Health Care Act, or AHCA, that was signed into legislation in 2010 by former-President Barack Obama.

With current-President Donald Trump attempt at changing the aforementioned Affordable Health Care Act to the new American Health Care Act, many areas of health benefits will be affected- including women’s health care.

ABC News discusses the areas of health plans that will be affected by the new bill.

The “Trumpcare” plan will attempt to put a stop to Medicaid funding for abortion, current maternity care, and will aim at defunding Planned Parenthood.

“The Republican bill promises to defund Planned Parenthood by prohibiting Americans on Medicaid, a government insurance program for the nation’s poorest citizens and the disabled, from receiving reimbursements for visits to Planned Parenthood clinics.”

Defunding Planned Parenthood is not the only effect the bill will have on pregnancies. The bill will also affect the costs of maternity care, and will cost patients out-of-pocket fees.

Per ABC News:

“Maternity care is categorized as an “essential health benefit” under current law, which means it must be offered under private plans but patients will likely pay some out-of-pocket costs, of varying levels, in addition to their monthly premiums.”

What does this mean for women across America? Without Planned Parenthood, we’re looking at a loss of free birth control and a spike in how expensive pregnancies are.

Rolling Stone concludes it’s “Trumpcare Would Be a Disaster for Planned Parenthood, and Therefore Poor Women” article with this truth:

“Proponents of the Medicaid ban know perfectly well that thousands of patients will go without contraception or cancer screenings if their local Planned Parenthood closes – they just don’t care. Because abortion opponents have little hope of recriminalizing abortion, they’ve used economic attacks to make abortion unavailable to the poor. If they have to take away additional medical care in service of that goal, so be it. Telling the poor to fend for themselves is what Trumpcare is all about.”

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