Fiona Apple Releases New Donald Trump-Themed Anthem ‘Tiny Hands’

Fiona Apple, singer and songwriter of “Criminal” fame, is one of the many people who is not so ecstatic with the whole Donald Trump, President-elect thing.

Apple first expressed her anger towards Trump in a Christmas song called “Trump’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire.”

The song had the same tune as “The Christmas Song,” by Nat King Cole.

“You cry creepy uncle/Every time he arrives/For he keeps clawing at your clothes.”

She clearly made it a point that his presence is not welcoming.

Apple has done it again. But, this time a chant for the Women’s March on Washington and for the thousands of sister marches happening around the country.

On January 21st, 2017, expect to hear women chant,

“We don’t want your tiny hands/Anywhere near our underpants.”

Apple was a victim of sexual assault at the age of 12, which is why she is particularly furious about this new presidency.

This chant is called “Tiny Hands” and was written with composer Michael Whalen who released the track on SoundCloud.

This chant was obviously inspired by Donald Trump’s 2005 leaked recording where he boasts to Billy Bush how he grabs women by the pussy anytime he wants.

Although the lyrics only has one line, the song is unforgettable and catchy. People on SoundCloud had mixed reviews. What do you think?

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