If It Doesn’t Feel Right, Don’t Do It: 10 Signs You Picked The Wrong Career

Do you find yourself almost breaking your alarm clock from hitting the snooze button over and over again in the morning? Do you ask yourself questions like “What am I doing?” or “Am I happy?”

Career choice may be the reason for these depressing questions. Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar. You go to a prestigious college to pursue a degree that you think will make you money.

After graduation, you look for a job you can utilize the degree that you worked so hard for. After sending your resume to every employer you can think of, you get a job.

At this point, you are so thrilled because you can finally tell people that you did not waste your time and money in college. A year in the job, you are asking the same questions that I mentioned above.

The problem is that you didn’t pursue your passion and that’s okay, because while there are some who figure out their passion right away, many of us take time.  

If I haven’t convinced you that your job/career is the problem, here are 10 signs to dwell on.

Dreading weekday mornings

If you find yourself repeatedly slapping the snooze button when your alarm sounds in the morning, you’re probably not excited about your job.

When you’re excited about something or looking forward to doing something it’s hard to sleep, or sleep in.

Everyone is going to have bad mornings, but if you’re full of dread the second you wake up on Wednesday, it might be time to make some changes.

You are not putting 100% into your work.

There are two possible reasons why you might not be putting your 100% into your work. One, you feel unappreciated. Why put in work into something when no one will notice?

This happens mostly with the millennial generation who make up most of the workforce. Millennials crave for acknowledgement in their work.

Secondly, if you do not see yourself in the company that you are working for in the future, there is no motivation to do better.

In your mind, this job is just a temporary job.

You are dying of boredom.

The first day at your job was probably the most exciting day you’ve had there wasn’t it? It’s because you didn’t know anyone there and you didn’t know what work to expect.

The exciting part was, the “not knowing.” Your job isn’t challenging your abilities anymore which is why you are dreading each hour.

You’re a different person at work.

Most of us who work full time jobs work five times a week. When you are pretending to be someone else for 5 days straight, it can be draining.

Acting the way you do with your group of friends may be unprofessional in the work environment but, it is still important to feel comfortable in it.

If you feel like your co-workers will judge you, it is time to question if you want to stay there any longer.

People around you have different plans.

When you have a plan in life it is best to surround yourself with people you aspire to be like or have similar plans.

When you surround yourself with people who do not have the same interest and goals as you, you can lose track of what you are trying to pursue.

It might even frustrate you when they try to convince you that your plans aren’t achievable.

When you are at your dream job, it will be with people who support you and people who share the same values. Yes, you can work in an environment like that.

You feel like you can do better.

It’s okay to be egotistical and selfish every now and then  especially if it is about your career. I see too many people afraid to say that they can do better out loud.

Only you know what you are worth so, if you think you can do better, you can!

Money’s the motivation.

Ever hear of the saying “Money does not bring happiness.” It’s true.

You can work at a place that pays you millions but, at the end of the day, the work that comes with it is just not worth it.

Passion and love for something should be your motivation. For example, when CEO of JetBlue sold his second company, he did not need to work a day in his life.

But his love for engineering and flying planes forced him to keep working. To prove his passion for his job, he donates his salary to charity every year.

You are looking at other options.

When you are searching for new job options, you probably have already figured out that you were in the wrong job.

If you were satisfied with your job, you wouldn’t be looking else where. You probably know that you are better than your job anyways.

Eager to leave work.

Do you find yourself staring at the clock every five minutes to see if the day is over? If you rather be somewhere else besides work, you are in the wrong career.

If you loved work and felt that work needed you, you would enjoy being there.

You feel forced to work.

You’ll notice that when you love to do something it makes you feel great. When it feels like you’re doing it because you NEED to, it’s no fun.

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Theresa is a beloved Empress OG who never thought she’d be a writer. After realizing her potential, she quit her retail job to be part of several start-up projects. Join her on this journey to success.