Feminist Fashion: 4 #GirlPower Brands You Need To Rock In 2017

Wearing feminism means carrying yourself in an upholding fashion – as a strong, independent woman. In years before, being a woman didn’t count for much but over the years we have beat the odds and flourished in many fields.

The first women to do things ranging from education to career paths have set the tone for us today. Despite the efforts and history, the definition of what it means to be a woman in 2017 is very different today.

When I was younger the #GirlPride movement wasn’t so present so it’s pleasing to see girls all around the world, no matter the background or race, come together to stand up for each other.

From the 2017 Women’s March held in January to female celebrities supporting and voicing their opinions on the subject. Sometimes you can’t just tell people about a strong issue, you must show them.

Wearing feminism on your sleeve not only means a way of carrying yourself well but wearing it. Fashion is one of the best forms of expressing yourself so why not show out for an amazing cause.

Here are four clothing lines that promote the power of the female:

Otherwild, New York + Los Angeles


Otherwild is a graphic design studio, a retail store, and a community centre all in one. This unique team has two different locations and take pride in the pureness of life.

They promote “Love is Love” which welcomes all sexual orientations, and the naturalism of the human body.

Their “Free the nipple” tees have become a hit and been seen on many influencers.

Although they are a clothing brand their show space is a haven for empowerment – from workshops to creative events for anyone just wanting to shop by. 

Femininitees, New York


These unique, embroidered T-shirts were created by two women for women from all walks of life.

What’s cool about these t-shirts are that each is one of a kind and every one of them have a special bit on them.

Each shirt has a specific message that aims to bring attention to the gender inequalities females deal with every day. 

They hope by promoting their brand they give girls confidence to speak out about injustice and take a small step forward towards gender equality. 

Also, a percentage of their proceeds go to the National Organization for Women. 

These Pink Lips, Philadelphia

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Famous for their “Pussy Not War” tees, they have taken the meaning of feminism to another level.

These Pink Lips eye-popping designs have sparked controversy and conversation with many publications and has been seen on celebrities such as Amber Rose and Missy Elliot.

Most of the pieces are hand painted by artist Iris Barbee Bonner who also owns an art gallery, where she started the brand.

This brand promotes activism through pop culture and is blazing a trail that will rejuvenate the sexual revolution. 

Me and You


Me and You was created by two former fashion students this brand was created for all types of women by women. From feminist undies and pins to all things pastel this line gives a simple but girly feel to the movement.

Although they are not loud they have grabbed the attention of many – collaborating with Coach and Paper Magazine. 

There is always going to be a debate on feminism and fashion alike as many would claim that the concept of fashion is inherently anti-feminist.

Hand in hand together may just be the perfect storm in this era as times have changed.

As stated before sometimes a matter isn’t taken seriously unless seen everywhere. If unity is what powers each side, things will hopefully become more balanced in the near future.

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Shantia Seymour

A Bermuda born, London based style + inspiration blogger for DressedToATi. She created the Aiyanna Art Scholarship this year and loves unique styles - promotes girl power and believes every flaw is just an accessory waiting to be rocked.