10 Things Every Twenty-Something Should Do Before They Turn 30

Our twenties can be a confusing time, transitioning from the beer-infused college years to actual working adulthood.

A lot of us spend our twenties going down different paths, trying to figure out this crazy, yet beautiful thing we call life.

Although I am only just turning 22 next month, I have learnt a lot about myself and my life already. Here are 10 things that I personally believe are important to do in your twenties.

Do something that scares you

A regular routine gives us a sense of security and familiarity. Although familiarity is nice, it is hard to grow as a person without pushing your limits every now and then.

All the magic happens outside of our comfort zones, so, do something that you and your friends could never imagine yourself doing.

Something that will get your adrenaline pumping, something like sky diving or bungee jumping!

Figure out what you’re passionate about and do it

Money is a powerful and dynamic thing. It can make people insanely happy and others completely miserable.

A lot of people argue that the pursuit of money equals the pursuit of happiness; however, I think the pursuit of happiness is all about finding something you’re passionate about and pursuing it.

I would rather wake up everyday excited to go to work than completely miserable, doing something I didn’t enjoy and making good money. And I would never want to feel as if I am mindlessly wasting my life away doing something that bores me.

You only have one life, so don’t waste it working somewhere that you don’t like just because of the money.

Date someone who isn’t your “type”

I don’t know about you but lately my “type” hasn’t been working out for me too well.

I have now realized the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to dating and to give everyone a fair chance.

Learn how to bounce back from hard times

Life is hard, end of story. Learn how to move on from a broken relationship and heartbreak. Learn how to put yourself back together after you fall apart.

Learn how to ask for help, and learn how to say no.

Go on a road trip

Although I just recently got my driving license and my first car, I absolutely love driving.

There is something liberating about knowing I could jump in my car and drive anywhere I want at any time, without having to rely on others.

I have a lot of friends who have gone on road trips and had a blast so that is something I definitely want to start planning!

Learn how to cook

I’m not saying you need to become Gordon Ramsay or anything – but at least learn how to cook a couple of good, fancy meals for special occasions down the road, or whatnot.

It will definitely come in handy one day.

Travel somewhere you have always wanted to go

Our twenties are the time to take advantage of traveling. As life progresses, you become more and more constrained by commitments.

It is important to take advantage of that fact and travel while you can. Two years ago, I went to Thailand with my brother for 10 days.

We went with zero plans on where we were staying, or even going, but it ended up being the best, most spontaneous trip of my life.

Find balance in your life

When I say find balance in your life, I mean feel as if you have control of the different elements of your life and don’t let yourself be pulled too hard in any one direction.

Balance the amount of love you give with the amount you receive. Balance letting loose and having reckless fun with not over doing it, and also being healthy.


You can learn a lot about yourself through helping others. No matter how big or small, selfless gestures will reward you in a way that money can’t.

When my internship at the National Alliance on Mental Illness ends in June, I plan on continuing to volunteer on their help line.

Find something that pulls on your heart strings and helps the world beyond yourself. For me, that happens to be helping those with mental illness.

Leave the past in the past

Things that did not work out in the past, did not work out for a reason. Don’t let yourself get trapped there, or else you will be unable to move forward.

You can’t start a new chapter in your life if you keep thinking about the past.

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