How Chelsea Handler Is Using Fame To Shed Light On Women’s Issues

Chelsea Handler carries many titles: Talk show host, comedian, dog mom, celebrity, and author.

She is known for her crude humor, mocking celebrities and herself, as well as documenting her life through transparency and explicit humor.

In the last few months Chelsea has added another title: Women’s rights and political activist.

We’ve watched Chelsea evolve as a talk show host. Her former show on E!, Chelsea Lately, focused on the Hollywood scene and gossip magazines. Handler’s famous round-table included comedians talking about celebrity breakups, internet trends, and reality shows.

Her new series, Chelsea, now in its second season, has shifted focus from previous things she’s done. The episodes are now weekly and an hour long, offering more in-depth interviews about current issues and allowing her to step out of the studio for content.

Chelsea told the Hollywood Reporter season one of her show got off to a “rocky start.” She talks about the minor adjustments she had to play around with and now, “It’s exactly what I wanted to do. I get to talk about all different topics. I get to interview people I’m interested in.”

Handler now hosts influential guests from different fields, not only pop culture celebrities.

She has invited and interviewed people such as former Secretary of Education John King on her show to discuss charter schools. Former Republican Representative of Hawaii, Beth Fukumoto, made an appearance on the show to talk about her decision to leave the Republican Party. Along with the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, who has been a Democratic Mayor in a red state since 2012.

Chelsea is a woman who has taken advantage of the platform she was given to reach a wide audience and influence. She has made it clear she’s not afraid to speak her mind even if it makes people angry.

Chelsea did not shy away from voicing her political views last year during election season, or afterwards. When confronted about being too political, she responded with an outspoken Instagram video.

I don’t need Planned Parenthood — I can pay for my own medical care. I’m not an immigrant — I was born here. I’m not Muslim, I’m not Mexican. I’m not black. I’m not gay or I’m not transgender.

But I know this country is based on inclusiveness, on welcoming people, on loving people that are not like you, on not worrying about how something impacts your life personally, but how it impacts all the people around you and all the people that aren’t around you.

Chelsea’s Influential Nature

Chelsea attended the 2016 Democratic National Convention back in July to show her support for Hilary Clinton.

In an interview she said, “I think the time is right. There’s no other better time for a woman to be dominating. Or not even necessarily dominating — but to be of equal measure. Women are making strides every day. We all need to work together.”

She’s also been involved in Rock The Vote campaign. The best way to get young people to make a difference is to inspire them to assume their right to vote- and that is exactly what she did.

When talks about defunding Planned Parenthood started circulating around in Washington, Handler didn’t wait long before she took action. She linked on her website “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” to support the campaign.

However, Handler doesn’t only care about women’s rights. She’s also teamed up with the Karam Foundation for Syrian youth.

The Karam Foundation provides a safe space for Syrian youth who have witnessed and survived the trauma of violence and displacement. Support for the organization encourages a place for Syrian Youth to learn competitive skills in areas such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts to prepare them for a brighter future.

She lead the Women’s March at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

“We have an opportunity right now to stand together and use our voices to fight for the very rights women fought for and won years ago.”

Going straight to the source in her fight for change and equal rights, Handler has been taking trips to the Nation’s Capital to meet with important women representatives.

Handler says,

“It’s compassion and it’s empathy. And I will fight for it. If I come off as being aggressive, it’s because I care so much about doing the right thing.”

It sounds Like Chelsea isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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