How The Science Behind Women’s Orgasms Could Help Channel Success

Since the age of the ancient Egyptians, sexual practices have been viewed as more than a pleasurable release-orgasms are a way to channel our sexual energy, and successfully attract what we want in life.

Sexual energy is perhaps one of the most powerful forces within the human body. The female orgasm has been debated for decades in the contemporary world: What’s the point of our climax, and why are we able to have multiple?

While there have been theories, the real reason remains a mystery. “What Is the Point of the Female Orgasm?” by Popular Science gets right down to the nitty-gritty of our female enigma.

Something I speculate might have a central connection is the fact that women use both sides of their brain, where as men mostly use the left.

Women use the right side of the brain, which controls our artistic intuition, creativity, and imagination, and the left of our brain, which is associated with logic, reasoning and analytic thought.

We are also able to transfer data between the left and right hemispheres much faster than men. I question whether the strong relationship with the right side of the brain attributes to our multi-orgasmic abilities.

While being interviewed by the online magazine, University of Queensland researcher Brendan Zietsch shares his personal theory about the female orgasm.

[Zietsch] says he doesn’t have a favorite theory on the evolutionary function of female orgasm, but if forced to guess he’d say that it provides women extra reward for engaging in sex, thus increasing frequency of intercourse and, in turn, fertility.

So in layman’s terms, we’ve been blessed, yet we have no idea why.

In a recent Fox News Health article, “Can taking a daily orgasm pledge make you more successful?” author Suzannah Weiss took the “Pleasure Pledge:” a suggested once-a-day cum sesh.

I went two weeks fitting in my daily orgasm or two—and the occasional, anxiety-provoking daily pleasure—and failing to notice any inner transformation. Meanwhile, the Facebook group was filled with accounts of women building self-love and clearing out negative energy. But the most interesting post was one about using your orgasms for manifestation: making the things you want a reality.

Across various media and news platforms, you will find accounts that explain how to use orgasms to attract what you want in life.

“Sex Magic,” more commonly known as Tantra, is the practice of sexual, spiritual and psychic pleasure, with or without a partner. This practice allows you to attract your deepest desires during your peak orgasm.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Need a new car? Need that promotion? Looking for the love of your life? Just masturbate!

MindBodyGreen’s “Tantric Sex 101: What It Is and How To Do It” quotes Ashley Thirleby’s take on Tantra practice. The author of Tantra: The Key To Sexual Powers describes the orgasmic experience:

Tantric sex is the ancient key to sexual pleasure and psychic power, attained through a set of rituals. It enables you to reach new heights of sexual pleasure and … tap your sexual energy for creative use in other areas of your life.

With that being said, is it possible that we’re able to have business and pleasure?

 [You] are in [your] most intense state of conscious and subconscious concentration during sexual involvement. Tantra teaches ways to carry this intense focus of concentration into all areas of life.

Apparently so.

As well as ridding the body of negative energies, orgasms are meant to manifest those inner desires that you’ve been so deeply holding onto.

As per: “The Connection Between Having Daily Orgasms and Achieving More Success,

Committing to having an orgasm daily is sure to make women happier by boosting hormones, but it also unleashes the confident goddess inside them that can be the key to money and success at work.

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