Cecile Richards Says Planned Parenthood Is ‘Going Nowhere,’ Despite Trump

For 100 strong years , if you had a question about your body, sex, or health care, Planned Parenthood was your go-to for answers. It provides quality and affordable services in a safe and judgment-free zone.

“Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, listed the benefits of Planned Parenthood under President Obama,

“We’re now at a record low in teenage pregnancy; 20 million-plus got health insurance through the Affordable Care Act; 55 million women now have birth control coverage because of the campaign that we led.”

When Donald Trump enters the office, there is a high chance that Planned Parenthood will no longer be receiving federal funding.

In other words, women, especially low-income women, will have a difficult time getting their hands on affordable healthcare.

Richard also says that many people mistaken planned parenthood for abortion services.

It’s not abortion; the federal government and Medicaid do not fund abortion services. This is literally whether a young man in Texas can come to us for an STI testing, or whether a woman who has a lump in her breast can come to us in Ohio to have a breast exam or be referred for screenings”

While it is frightening what the Trump administration can do, Planned Parenthood is prepared for any possibilities. They are already receiving an abundant amount of donations and will not fall because of this.

“We’ve been around 100 years and we aren’t going anywhere,” says Richards.

She is confident that Planned Parenthood is here to stay because there are no other organizations that provide affordable healthcare to women. She said,

“There’s no one to take our place providing low-and moderate-income people with preventive health care. There isn’t any other entity that is doing that work.”

Richards also told Rolling Stone that if the Trump administration is successful, she will not stop fighting to make sure that clinics provide the right care.

Planned Parenthood plans to launch a “Stand with Planned Parenthood” campaign in January.

This will allow the supporters to tell their story and express what they are losing. This campaign’s goal is to make every senator who voted against Planned Parenthood to be aware and feel the struggle that these people are going through.

Surprisingly, most of the Trump supporters are concerned about losing Planned Parenthood as well. This just shows that everyone regardless of belief, religion, and race, will be deeply affected by this.

This is the time to stay strong and stick together.

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