Deloitte Boss Talks Becoming The 1st Female CEO In A Male Dominated Company

Deloitte LLP, or Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, is an offshoot of one of the largest, UK-based, Professional Accounting and Consulting service firms in New York City.

In 2016 alone, the company had made almost $37 billion USD in revenue.

With over 244,000 professionals globally, Deloitte appointed its first female CEO in 2015, Cathy Engelbert.

Joining the team in 1986, Engelbert had worked her way up to chairman and chief of Deloitte LLP’s audit subsidiary. Now, Engelbert is in charge of a nearly $15 billion in revenue, and over 70,000 employees.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Englebert talks what she believes is the largest setback for women in the professional world.

“…The biggest barriers for women is the thought that they can’t have it all. Can they have a high performing career, or can they raise children, or if they’re taking care of elderly parents, or whatever the issue is in their personal life- can they balance it? That, I believe, is the impediment.”

In 2016, Cathy was ranked number 21 on Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women.” With only 4% of female CEOs stepping up to the plate, Engelbert is open to discussing the trials that arise with having a female CEO. Engelbert talks about her own home-life experience and trying to balance her family and her career.

“People kind of watch us, as women role models, people are watching us to see what we do, how we balance it all and how we manage it.”

She also shares a story of a woman who quit Deloitte because Englebert’s daily (and nightly!) grind was not the future she wanted for herself. Engelbert says this experience altered the rest of her career, causing her to become more aware of the fact that she was seemingly disregarding her home life.

Deloitte continues to progress, parallel to the progression of technological advances in the business world. Speaking to Forbes, Engelbert was faced with a query regarding the role of future technology in the industry.

“The pace of change that technology is bringing, that the digital economy is bringing—both as a disruptor and an enabler of business—and regulatory change, all of these are key issues Deloitte’s clients are facing. Technological advances are changing what clients need, the services we provide, and how we interact with them. There is a premium on innovation and commercializing new ideas. We must be vigilant and quick. Demand for talent with specialized and technical skills will grow, and Deloitte will need to invest to keep skills relevant.”

Engelbert proves that her capabilities as a CEO have been entrenched since the first day she started at Deloitte. Deeply compassionate and focused, Engelbert has led, and will continue to lead, employees and clients alike towards success.

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