Say ‘No’ Less: The Benefits Of Exploring Outside Your Comfort Zone

Say no to no! And yes to yes!

In our millennial society, there is an all-to-common practice of saying no when someone asks us to try something new.

Typically, there is an array of novel experiences that are offered to us; from something as simple as trying a new food or going on blind-date to something as drastic as driving across the country or visiting a friend in Europe.

Despite how little or big the proposition is, we often decline the invitation. And, more often than not, we create an excuse to cover up for our complacent attitude.

Although the exact reason for declining new experiences differs according to person and context, it seems as though the underlying reasons behind the deafening echo of no’s seems to be that people are either too fearful, too stuck in their ways, or too lazy to say yes.

When it comes to an invitation that forces us to say “yes” or “no”, what we’re faced with is not just the choice between two little words, but a choice as to whether we are going to stick with what we know or to step out of our comfort zone into new and uncharted territory.

By continuously saying no to new experiences, we limit our personal potential. Staying in our self-prescribed comfort zone stifles our personal growth, leaving us running on auto-pilot or treading in boredom. Humans as a whole are playful beings that crave new experiences, no matter how big or small. Humans are not meant to stick to one cyclical routine.

When we’re too scared, lazy or stubborn to say yes, we pigeon-hole ourselves in the mundane. We deny ourselves a change of pace. We deny ourselves experiences that can open our minds and hearts.

If you find yourself constantly saying no to new experiences, we’re hear to tell you that it’s time for a change. When you’re faced with the question of whether to say yes or no to an experience, challenge yourself to consider the issue at hand as an opportunity not an obligation. This simple change in mindset will help you approach an experience ready to reap all of its benefits.

Still need to be convinced to say no to no? Here’s why you should step out of your comfort zone and say yes everyday.

Saying yes opens doors for new opportunities

Whether it’s through a newly made network connection, the discovery of a new idea, or a realization triggered by the experience, saying yes opens doors for you.

Saying no, on the other hand, doesn’t even introduce you to these available doors. Embrace the array of opportunities that can come from saying yes.

Saying yes builds your network

You never know who you will meet when you say yes. There could be someone along the pathway of “yes” that helps you to achieve your goals.

Networking is so important, and so if the sole reason you say “yes” to an experience is due to the potential connections you will make, we say yes, yes, yes!

Saying yes leads to self-actualization

Without new experiences you remain stagnant in life. Some people are so stubborn in “their ways” even when “their ways” are helping them to reach their goals.

By opening yourself up to new experiences, you actively explore who you are;  what your strengths and weakness are, what you’re willing to tolerate and what you are not, what you enjoy and what you despise.

By learning who you are and cultivating a strong sense of self, you can better develop who you want to be. In turn, this development will help you reach self-actualization personally and, most likely, professionally.

Saying yes makes you happier

Saying yes makes you happier for all the reasons above combined and more.

Whether it’s fear or laziness that has you constantly saying no, when you instead decide to say yes, you stand up to the parts of yourself that have been inhibiting your growth.

In saying “yes,” you reclaim your life, silencing the complacent parts of you that hold you back. You’ll also be happier simply because saying yes to experiences will keep you from sedentary boredom!

Don’t hold yourself back by giving into fear, social anxiety or laziness. These things never helped anyone achieve their goals.

That being said, unleash yourself and say “yes” everyday. Be bold. Be willing to challenge yourself. Give experiences and people a chance.

You never know the amazing things that can happen when you say, “Yes.”

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Alana Saab

Made of stardust and dirt, Alana is a Massachusetts native who fell in love with New York City and then fell in love with the universe. An art lover, journalist and experimental fiction writer, Alana is thoroughly obsessed with red wine, sea salt caramel truffles and metaphysics. Find her at home boiling some lemon water and reading about altered states of consciousness.