The City Of Baton Rouge Makes History, Elects First Black Female Mayor

Sharon Weston Broome recently made history becoming the first black woman elected Mayor in the city of Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge is a small city located in a modest part of the southern part of Louisiana, a city where just months before we saw images of civil unrest coming out of the state’s capitol city after the police shooting of unarmed Alton Sterling.

Sharon replaces Kip Holden, the city’s first Black Mayor who has held the seat for 12 years. She is only the second woman in Baton Rouge’s history to become their Mayor.

“Tonight, Baton Rouge made a statement, a statement that we are a city of inclusion”

Broome received 52 percent of the vote, against Mack Bodi White Jr,. a Republican candidate who once served as Law Enforcement in Eastern Baton Rouge.

Sharon has her work cut out for her. She comes in at a time where the wounds of Baton Rouge are at its most profound.

She is tasked with healing the wounds of the racial divide, the divide between Law enforcement, and the citizens of Baton Rouge.

Broome will also have to work on aid efforts of people who are still dealing with the results of the devastating flood in August.  

“This is an opportunity to rise from the ashes of the past six months and write a new chapter, a new chapter that we can all be proud of.”

Broome has vowed to invest in north Baton Rouge a part of the city that has a truss of low-income black neighborhoods.

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