Audi’s Super Bowl Commercial Has Message To Young Girls About Pay Gap


In case you didn’t know, the Super Bowl is this Sunday, and even though it is the most highly anticipated game of the year it is also the time where the most highly anticipated advertisements debut.

In 2016, one 30 second ad will cost as much as $5 million dollars, which is $166,666 per second! Reason being that approximately 117 million Americans will be tuning into the biggest event of the year. Companies have the ability to reach a large amount of the market to promote their product.

The amount of total viewers watching the Super Bowl this year is almost 4 times the amount that watched Donald Trump’s Inauguration!

Speaking of which it wouldn’t be unimaginable that some, if not most, of the commercials are going to highlight, joke, mention, or attack the political environment that America is currently facing.

For instance Budweiser has already released their 2016 Super Bowl commercial and it trolls Donald Trump and his “deplorables”.

Audi; however, has taken a different approach and has created a commercial that highlights another factor in society currently in the spotlight.

Equality for a long time has been an issue, and although there has been significant strides and change in the right direction, the world still has massive gender-based inequality.

In the commercial directed by female filmmaker Aoife McArdle, Audi America displays a father’s daughter competing in a downhill cart race.

During the action the father has a voice over where he expresses his concerns and wonders,

“What do I tell my daughter? Do I tell her that her grandpa’s worth more than her grandma? That her dad is worth more than her mom? Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets?”

The story concludes by the girl winning and the father stating, “or maybe i will be able to tell her something different,” which is in fact quite touching.

Audi finishes the commercial with a pledge that they will support equal pay, with “Progress is for everyone” appearing on the screen.

The German luxury car brand also makes a commitment to “equal pay for equal work” and shows their new Audi S5 that apparently only men have the ability to afford.

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