New ‘AR Wear’ Provides Clothes That Protects Women From Sexual Assault


For the past 4 years, two inspiring, entrepreneurial women have invested a great deal of time and money into ensuring the safety and protection of girls and women across the world.

With their AR Wear clothing line, founders Ruth and Yuval have built a concept that will allow women to feel more in control in an unexpected sexual assault situation.

Their clothing brand will offer a peace of mind throughout those apprehensive moments in a female’s life where she is a common target to potential rape and other sexual injuries.

Thanks to AR Wear, women and girls will be able to attend social events with a self secured under garment that ensures resistance, self-defense and a newly gained confidence.

Women will finally feel more comfortable on outings such as blind dates, girls’ night, evening workouts, clubbing, and sole travels.

Although, over the years we have been equipped with various forms of self-protection, like tear gas, pepper sprays, stun guns, and sexual assault apps; none of these methods have offered the effective, reliability AR wear’s concept promises.

Statistics and study reviews have shown that when in said situations, a factor of resistance is said to increase the chances of avoiding a completed rape action; thus making the assault unlikely to ultimately cause harm.

Theses findings also conclude that an active barrier layer can allow victims to passively resist their attacker with a less chance of being physically injured.

This concept is a ground breaking invention to our gender and with the support of thousands who also understand the life-changing concept, Ruth and Yuval have reached the production phase and hope to release the product within the next year or so.

In short, According to the creators of AR Wear, their goal is the following,

“to offer a wide range of wearable items, in assorted styles and colors that can be worn comfortably as underwear, shorts, trousers etc. and be suitable to different shapes and sizes –that will offer better protection against attempted rapes while also changing society’s rape culture into forward thinking.”

Thank you ladies for dedicating yourselves to this vision and being exceptional businesswomen in a world where rape culture continues to be a very real concern.

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