Artists Are Reacting To President Elect Donald Trump In The Best Way

As soon as Donald Trump was elected on November 8th, feminists and progressives were up in arms. They were angry and disgusted that this misogynist reality TV star won over Hillary Clinton, an obviously more qualified candidate.

Moments leading to, and especially after, Trump’s election, America went dark. Feminists had fumes coming out of their heads, tears were being shed, and screams of disbeliefs could be heard all over the world.

They didn’t know how to react. Some protested on the streets to express their feelings on the decision while the creatives used art.

As I perused the internet for these pieces, I came across equally hilarious and powerful artwork. Some are easier to decipher than others and some are just enjoyable to look at.

According to these pieces, Trump embodies everything from shit, a pig, and racism.

These images depict how women feel about president-elect Trump.

#hillaryclinton #antitrump #imwithher

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Do these condoms represent how many pussies he’s grabbed since he became famous?

Everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is shit. That’s what I got from this photo.

An orange blob with a woman used as his sexual slave might be an accurate look into our future. #NotMyPresident

Donald Trump’s policies are alarmingly comparable to Hitler’s. Is history repeating itself?

Sadly, what comes with Donald Trump supporters is racism, sexism, and xenophobia. I do not want a taste of that rainbow.

Would the world be better without Trump? I mean not as president… What were you thinking?

Didn’t believe in hell before? Well you are up for a surprise…

Donald Trump, you telling people “You’re fired” doesn’t count as a war.

Ass Clown, PERFECT!

A painting at The Art Market SF yesterday by Scott Scheidly. The name of the painting is 'Ass Clown' #trumpclown #trump #trumpart

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Reminds me of a Derek Zoolander line, ” I’m sorry that good-looking people like us made you throw up and feel bad about yourself.”

Donald Trump once said, “The point is, you can never be too greedy.”

Thanks, Men in Black for giving me the image that underneath that orange flesh of his is an evil alien.

Oh Hitler, you’re still alive?!

#RP #TrumpArt #Truth #MyOpinion #ANYBODYButTrump2016 #BerniesGotMyVote

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When will Trump realize that he uses way too much spray tan?

Like Bill Maher said, “If Trump was a man, he’d stop whining like a little bitch.”

Basically, F*ck Trump.

Real Donald Trump quotes on real women.

Express yourself cause you can!

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