Airbnb Is Now Working On A Tool That Lets You Book Your Flights Too

The popular travel platform Airbnb is taking a look at booking flights for their guests, along with many other additions, basically creating a one-stop-shop for travel.

Airbnb follows a peer to peer online marketplace system that allows guests to book short-term lodging in residential homes.

This is a win-win for both parties. The hosts have the ability to create their own renting price and aren’t limited to how little space they are allowed to rent. Some hosts choose to rent out a room, while others may rent out their entire home.

The guests are able to stay in an authentic, local home at an affordable and comparable price to hotels in the same area. Airbnb receives a percentage of service fees from guests and hosts with every booking.

Check out this infographic below:

airbnb vs hotels us rates 745x1582

The company is not only looking to be the place you go to when looking for lodging.

Last month Airbnb added a new addition to the app, labeled “Trips” this feature includes restaurant reservations, tours, grocery delivering, and now flight booking.

According to a report in Bloomberg Technology posted on Monday, in the next 18 months, you should expect to see Airbnb flight-booking service.

But that doesn’t intimidate competitors.

Steve Hafner, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Flight Search for the travel search engine Kayak says, “I’m not really worried about Airbnb getting into flights.”

According to, many travel and accommodation sites have tried unsuccessfully to get into the flight bookings industry.

Airbnb, a startup that was founded less than a decade ago, is already valued at $30 Billion (and building) is looking to boost $153 million dollars more in venture capital funding.

The only way is up from here for Airbnb as they not only look to be a one stop shop for your traveling endeavors, but a leader in the travel industry as a whole.

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