Clean Slate 2017: How You Can Achieve Health From The Inside Out

January. The first month of the year. If you live in the U.S. and on the east coast, it’s cold all day and dark by 4:45pm. It’s not the ideal climate (at least for most of us).

However, the first month of each year brings new energy, hope, excitement even, and provides the opportunity to clean the slate and begin again (even though in reality we have this chance every single day of our lives)…

Collectively, there is power in the New Year’s pulse if we choose to harness it.

It can also be a time where we write out intentions for the year, become committed to making these intentions happen, and then by February we are back to our old ways…(which might not be terrible but certainly won’t create the change we seek).

If one of your New Year’s goals is “I want to eat healthier”, I’ve outlined a very general list of what to include and what to omit.

Food IS foundational. What we consume and what we abstain from on a consistent basis dictates the level of health that we experience, no question.

It’s part of the equation if you intend on experiencing radiant, sustainable health.

True wellness goes way beyond what we physically eat.

In the meantime, below are some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a loving tribe who support and life you up (and where you do the same for them!)?
  • How’s your career going? Do you love it?
  • Do you have a consistent spiritual practice?
  • How’s your relationship with your partner? With yourself?
  • Do you dedicate time to intentionally de-stress?
  • Do you often seek out joy?
  • How much love do you give and receive on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel like you are contributing to the planet in some way?
  • Do you exercise consistently?
  • Are detox practices part of your normal routine?
  • Do you have a creative outlet that feeds you?
  • How’s your home environment? Is there toxicity in the air, the water, and the cleaning products that you use?

I suggest picking just ONE question to work with.

If you are not consistently seeking joy, write down ways in which YOU experience joy and then set it in motion. Schedule it. Regularly.

If your spiritual practice isn’t happening, download a meditation app (there are so many amazing ones), sign-up for meditation classes, and/or find a teacher.

Whatever it is, commit. Find your reason why and commit. Two things before you start:

  1. This should be simple. If it becomes too complex or something dreaded, it most likely won’t stick.
  1. For all of you beautiful ambitious, motivated, Type A’s reading this… I realize that it will be quite a challenge to pick just one.

Start with only ONE question, though.

You can always add another later on (and p.s. we’ve got some time as the year has just begun).

Wishing you all a magical 2017 filled with bright days, beautiful nights, deep joy, and true health from the inside out.

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Meredith Geller

As a Nutrition Consultant and Wellness Curator, Meredith loves discovering the purest, most health-sustaining, and most potent ingestible products on Earth. Fascination about how to truly create vibrancy from the inside out is what keeps me tuned-in with all things wellness.