Empress is an online platform and community dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs.

We give entrepreneurs access to influencers, advisors, and investors and connect startups with resources designed to accelerate growth: marketing services, cost savings, technology and business development services, lifestyle savings and much much more. Empress is the destination for entrepreneurs who want to grow and succeed.

We understand what is means to be an entrepreneur, as we’re start-up founders ourselves. We recognize the fact that each start-up is on its own unique journey. We’re dedicated to helping founders leverage the plethora of opportunities to accelerate their growth while overcoming the obstacles that come along the way.

We started Empress inspired by the definition, “A woman who is the sovereign of an empire.” Our founder is a woman on a mission! The Empire of entrepreneurship is a global opportunity and we will connect all founders in all corners of the world to build a community of support, networking and innovation designed to help you reach your goals. Our events and online content are designed to catalyze ideas, build relationships, share insights and raise awareness for your businesses.

We’re dedicated to helping all entrepreneurs succeed and we firmly believe that together, we will get there faster.