4 Hacks That Will Improve Your Tech Gadget And Make It Stand Out

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a technology gadget junkie. I think most of us have become that way, or are at least completely dependent on technology to run our lives.

There is so much technology out there now that it may seem difficult to get your product noticed out in the marketplace. However, the products I use the most stand out because they do these four things:

Solve a Basic (But Ongoing) Problem

There’s nothing that consumers and businesses want more than for others to develop something that solves problems they have to contend with. Develop a solution for that issue to deliver less stress and worry, and you’ll have people flocking to your tech gadget.

For example, we are always looking for a way to charge all of our devices. I’ve found the YOUMO Power System to be the best in terms of personal charging stations. It comes with a range of modules to build the power system you need for your devices. These modules include Wi-Fi, wireless charging, speakers, a light, USB and power LAN.

Security is also an issue now that we put everything about ourselves online and into technology. Cujo is an aptly named home network defender that I wouldn’t want to mess with. It looks cute from the outside, but it is a killer at keeping your data and devices safe- plus, it’s not expensive. Those behind Cujo recognized that a security product like this would quickly bring peace of mind.

Make Daily Work and Life More Convenient

Technology adds a level of convenience to our lives so we can take some things off our plate and hopefully relax. There are a number of great examples of products that help customers accomplish this.

First, the Dash-i MicroSD Reader is a small external storage device for iOS that provides incredible unlimited external storage. It’s so small that you can attach it to a keyring and use it to store photos, video and files. What’s stored on it can be password-protected and it comes with concurrent-charging capability.

Second, the Endless Mission Mini and Mission One offers an incredibly small and cheap computer that is optimized for internet access in those hard to reach places. While it doesn’t use a standard operating system like on a PC or Mac, it does come with numerous applications that make it a valuable tool. It’s also great for improving your coding skills.

Third, the Emotech Olly Robohub combines a smart home hub with a robot. It answers your questions, controls all your smart devices, and gets you the information you need. It’s got deep-learning capabilities so it becomes smarter over time as you work with it. It’s yet to be released, but the company is taking preorders.

Do Something Unexpected 

No one actually ever thought they needed a smartphone. So when Apple delivered the original iPhone, it was just cool. But suddenly, it became necessary. The key is to make something that most people haven’t thought is possible, because while they most likely don’t need it, they will instantly want it just from the sheer delight of the unexpected.

For example, the PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone could shoot some really cool video for an upcoming marketing campaign. You might even be able to use it to test a product in development and get a better understanding of how to improve its use in water. Or, you could use it to unwind when you have some downtime and find yourself exploring.

The Razer Project Valerie Portable Video Wall is a great option for when you need to access multiple screens to keep your business going (or use one for a gaming break). It connects like a giant curved screen and gives you multiple ways to track all your projects. Use one screen for a video conference while you can track your email and view project documents on the others.

Improve an Existing, Beloved, Technology Tool or Device

So much of technology gear feels like appliances necessary only to accomplish certain tasks — until someone takes that common piece of technology and improves upon it by adding a certain level of convenience or a unique twist on it.

Take the ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer, a portable robotic printer that runs on a battery and is perfect for smartphones and just about any device. Get rid of that bulky printer and stick this in your pocket. The Norton Core Router is a geometric orb that not only looks out of this world, but it also provides real-time security for every device that is linked to it. I happen to think it will make my office look like it’s from the future. Then there’s the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K 32-inch Monitor gives you an incredible resolution that will make what you look at so life-like it will pop out of the screen. Is it a must-have? No, but it’s really cool and great for the most realistic graphics, which are important for making some marketing decisions.

While some of these are not yet for sale, they are coming soon and provide an eye on the future of how the way we work will change. They illustrate the way in which companies can make their technology stand out.

Drew Hendricks is a business professional and CMO of Flint. He’s written for many major publishers such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.

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